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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Official Web Site of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

The transparency and accessibility of the National Assembly's activities are important for strengthening the Parliament-Public relations. We'll try to invest the maximum effort in the activities of our country's highest legislative body so as to be more accessible and understandable for the citizens and to enable their voice to be heard and to be more accessible to the National Assembly.

The website of the National Assembly, with its information data base and saturation, enables citizens to familiarize themselves with the structure of the Parliament, legislative activity and parliamentary events in several languages, becoming a collaboration open platform.

Ararat Mirzoyan
President of the National Assembly
of the Republic of Armenia

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NA Council Extraordinary Sitting Held
On July 30, the extraordinary sitting of the RA NA Council moderated by the RA NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan.The Council gave consent to convene an ...
On August 2 First Session of RA NA Eighth Convocation to be Convened
In accordance with Article 32.2 of the constitutional law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, in case of extraordinary election of the Na...
Representatives of NGO Yazidi Global Organization of Germany are in Parliament
On July 23, the RA NA deputy Rustam Bakoyan met with the representatives of the NGO Yazidi Global Organization of Germany Petra Scharnhorst and Coknez...
French Member of European Parliament Nathalie Loiseau Hosted in Parliament
On July 20, the Head of the NA Delegation to PACE, the Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations Ruben Rubinyan, the Chair of the Standi...
French Member of European Parliament and RA NA Deputy Visit Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex
On July 20, the French Member of European Parliament (EP), the Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, ...
The Vineyard on the Hill: How Building of Present National Assembly Was Built
In the last centenary, the Soviet Armenia, afterwards the newly created Republic of Armenia passed through a series of difficulties, and the witness a...
Parliament 1918-1920: Name List of Deputies Who Received Food and Soap
The members in the parliament of the First Republic being provided food and soap were listed.“1. Aharonian Avetik2. Aghbalian Nikol3. Arghutian Hovsep...
Parliament Protocol Museum: Wheat Ears
The Delegation members led by the Speaker of the RA National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan being in Cyprus on an official visit brought with them and gave ...
Parliament Ends Work of Extraordinary Session
The extraordinary session of the National Assembly was convened at the initiative of the Government. Before beginning the legislative work, the NA Spe...
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