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Dear friend,

You are on the official website of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the highest representative body of the Republic of Armenia.

The National Assembly is formed exclusively through the expression of the free will of our citizens. The parliament is one of the symbols of the statehood of Armenia, the embodiment of many years' aspirations of the Armenian people. The mission of the legislature is to form the key guidelines for ensuring the productivity of the vital activity of the society.

One of the main goals of the National Assembly is to ensure the state-society bilateral communication, which is of paramount importance for the continuous development of our nation and strengthening its place and role in the world. Parliament is widely involved in the activity of establishing public and political decisions.

The official website of the National Assembly has a rich information base. With an accessible and simple structure, you can easily navigate here, find the information you need, and gain a vast store of knowledge.

We wish you a productive work.

Welcome to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.


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Armenian Army is 31 Years Old
In the 90s, at the political difficult transitional period in parallel with war, the army was created, and as the collapse of the Soviet Union was not...
Tribute in Yerablur Military Pantheon
On the occasion of Armenian Army Day the President of the RA National Assembly Alen Simonyan, the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the President of ...
Message by RA NA President Alen Simonyan on Army Day
Dear compatriots, officers, devotees of army building and servicemen,I congratulate you on Army Day of the Republic of ArmeniaSince the formation of t...
RA NA President’s Statement on Resignation of Eduard Aghajanyan from the Position of the Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations
According to Article 147. 1 of the Constitutional Law “Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly,” the deputy of the National Assembly Eduard Aghaja...
Hayk Mamijanyan Answers to Speeches of Azerbaijani Delegates: The Only Reason That Azerbaijan is Conducting This Blockade is to Make Grounds for Ethnic Cleansing
In Strasbourg PACE Winter Session goes on. During the Session the Member of the RA NA Delegation to PACE Hayk Mamijanyan answered the Azerbaijani dele...
Armen Gevorgyan: The State Policy of Azerbaijan against Nagorno Karabakh Today is a Manifest Crime against Humanity
The speech of the Member of the RA NA Delegation to PACE Armen Gevorgyan on the debate of issue Addressing the humanitarian consequences of the blocka...
Hayk Mamijanyan Gives Speech at PACE Winter Session: 120.000 Armenians Do Not Have Gas and Electricity for 6-8 Hours Daily
On January 26, the Member of the RA NA Delegation to PACE Hayk Mamijanyan gave speech at PACE Winter Session.“Dear colleagues,I can see the looks on y...
NA Deputy Sona Ghazaryan Gives a Speech at PACE Winter Session
The Member of the RA NA Delegation to PACE gave a speech with the framework of the debate The role and responsibility of men and boys in stopping gend...
It is Designed to Reserve the Regulatory Powers of Creative Performances in Outdoor Venues
The regulatory powers of the creative performances in the streets will be reserved to the Community Council of Elders, which will reserve the order of...
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