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Congratulatory Address by the President of the National Assembly Galust Sahakyan on the Occasion of Army Day
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The President of the RA National Assembly Galust Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address on Army Day. The address reads:

“Dear servicemen,

Distinguished veterans of armed forces and war,

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you on Army Day, a holiday that belongs to every citizen and every Armenian of our country regardless of his/her living place.

We live at the times when the Armenian armed forces are often forced to prove their  high combat readiness, the skills of mastering military weapon and hardware not only during the trainings, but also during military actions, in real military situations, the result of which has always been and remains  victory.

Dear compatriots, our today’s army is a perfect combination of modern weapon and traditionally adamant spirit, permanently upgrading technologies and never devaluating patriotism, up-to-date way of thinking and the courage proved by deeds at different times. The soldier of the Armenian Army never suffers war-like mood but is able to deservedly respond to every manifestation of menace. The soldier of the Armenian Army never attacks the stranger’s house and defends the security of his country, his house in Armenia and in Artsakh always with devotion and often with price of life. At the same time today he successfully keeps peace also in the territory of other countries as a practical component of international peacekeeping mission and security system. This is again the evidence of the fact that our soldier is the propagator of peace, but not war, and he  is ready in any situation to resist any encroachment directed against peace as a representative of the people and army which don't see an enemy in the opposite person, but constantly winning the opponent led by animosity.

Dear compatriots,

This year sees the 70th century of the victory won against fascism during the World War II. Highly appreciating the undeniable contribution of our senior generations, we can confidently document that the glorious victories by today’s Armenian Army are considered as a multiplied continuation of the best traditions.

Once again congratulating our soldiers and all the military, the civilians serving in the army, on Army Day, I wish them health and peaceful service, continuous achievements in the spheres confided them and places of service. Let every day of the military serviceman of the Armenian Army and their families come with smile and joy, delight of victory without losses and fundamental optimism towards tomorrow.”

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