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Congratulatory Message on Republic Day by RA NA President Ara Babloyan
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The RA NA President Ara Babloyan sent congratulatory message on Republic Day. The RA NA President’s message particularly reads:

“Dear compatriots,

I warmly congratulate you on Republic Day!

On this day, we especially feel the pride of living independently and realize its value. When the First Republic of Armenia was declared about 100 years ago, the situation was genuinely lethal, requiring heroism and sacrifice, maximum endeavor and sincere devotion. And at that time the cohesion, common sense, purposefulness of our nation and the tradition to win were more than vividly displayed. It is difficult to imagine the declaration of independence without Sardarapat, Bash Aparan, Gharakilisa battle-victories.

During these days, about a century ago, our people distinctly realized that only freedom could protect us and our country. And our ancestors selflessly fought to gain the freedom that came in the shape of independence, and for reaching it we combined faith and confidence in own powers and justice, aspiration of maintaining own history and values and high conscience of own dignity.

The declaration of independent statehood has called for unity then and now. It was not a promise of material welfare, however, on behalf of independence and freedom, it provided an opportunity to create that welfare and possess own destiny. As a consequence of the clashes of the geo-political interests of the 20th century, the First Republic of Armenia had a short life. Today, more severe clashes of the same interests force us to build a state, defend the freedom, taking into consideration over the century-old, but always up-to-date lessons, further evaluate freedom and independence, be more prudent and balanced in the state-building process, go on more unitedly and firmly to achieve the declared goals, more confidently and optimistically walk towards the very Armenia, which was embedded in the thoughts and initiatives of those who declared the First Republic as a reachable goal - towards powerful, welfare and strong Armenia.

Let us newly evaluate the feeling of self-confidence and continue the atmosphere of solidarity and cohesion that existed while declaring the First Republic - when the most important thing was the Motherland, the Republic of Armenia - when the sincere and the unreserved love and faith towards their tomorrow were uniting the minister, the military, the worker, the peasant, backing up each other.

Once again congratulating you on Republic Day, I wish you peace, optimism, healthy and happy life, and welfare.”

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