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Briefing of Hovik Abrahamyan and Valentina Matviyenko in the National Assembly
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Hovik Abrahamyan, RA National Assembly President and Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, who arrived in Armenia on official visit after meeting in the parliament on July 11 had a joint briefing.

Summing up the results of the meeting Hovik Abrahamyan noted that numerous issues had been discussed on the cooperation of the two countries, and in particular, parliaments, responding that the bilateral relations were at a very high level. He expressed conviction that Valentina Matvieyenko’s official visit to the Republic of Armenia would more contribute to strengthening and activation of cooperation of the two countries.

Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation also stressed that during the meeting they had recorded very high level of strategic cooperation, active and developing dialogue between Russia and Armenia. In the latter’s word, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Russia during 20 years the two countries stage by stage have reached mutually beneficial cooperation at most different spheres – politics, trade, economy, etc. Valentina Matviyenko noted that Russia and Armenia had already good experience of cooperation, effective work of inter-parliamentary committee, and the role of the parliaments was very big in further development of those relations. “The main conclusion that I may make is that both the Federal Assembly of Russia and the National Assembly are united in the very issue that we are friends, strategic friends, spiritual commonness, years long history of relationship connects us, and all that are very important factors for increasing the volumes of cooperation,” the Speaker of the RF Federal Council of the Federal Assembly said.

Answering to the journalist’s question on cooperation within the CSTO framework, Valentina Matviyenko has stressed that Armenia is a very active participant of the Collective Security Treaty organization, the Russian-Armenian military-technical cooperation effectively develops within that framework, and in the name of Armenia, Russia sees a reliable partner, there is absolute mutual understanding between them.

Touching upon the same issue, Hovik Abrahamyan has noted that within the CSTO format the Republic of Armenia effectively cooperates with the Russian Federation, and as a result of daily work that cooperation more strengthened.

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