RA NA President Hovik Abrahamyan Visits Kotayk Marz
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On October 25 the President of the National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan had a working visit to Kotayk Marz and had meetings in two communities of the Marz, in Meghradzor and Marmarik. The Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Artak Davtyan, the deputy Tachat Vardapetyan, the Chief of Staff Gurgen Dumanyan, the Head of Marz Kovalenko Shahgaldyan and other officials.

In Meghradzor Hovik Abrahamyan first visited the St Mary Church re-anointed the year before, then he talked with the residents of the community about their daily concerns and cares: roads, water supply, conditions of school and education. It became clear from the talk that these and other problems had already been solved. Instead, they have certain difficulty in realizing the agricultural product, particularly, potatoes.

In Marmarik the Head of the Parliament visited the secondary school of the village, which was recently repaired. The NA President promised to transfer 2mln drams to the school for making the education comfortable for 112 pupils and furnishing the classrooms. The latter talked with the pedagogues about the education problems and with the villagers about the social problems of the community.

Hovik Abrahamyan considered the adequate development of the communities one of the main preconditions of the sustainable development of the country, and in this context he deemed especially important the strengthening of the rural communities and the solution of the social problems.

In Hrazdan the President of the National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan took part in the final phase of the Republican Recitation Youth Fifth Contest Festival of Kotayk Marz.

The results of the Marz contest dedicated to Sayat Nova’s 300th and Yeghishe Charents’ 115th anniversaries were summed up in the Recitation Youth Fifth Contest Festival being held under the auspice of the NA President: in the pre-qualifying phase 39000 pupils from 104 schools applied to the Festival for participation, in the first phase 2500 pupils had been chosen. In the final phase 35 of them recited poems by Sayat Nova and Yeghishe Charents, the jury chose the winners out of theparticipants. In little age group Liana Shabazyan was recognized the winner, among 15-17 year-old children the best was recognized Aram Khachatryan. Heriknaz Poloyan was highly evaluated for the best contest song, and Tovmas Tovmasyan received the NA special prize. The well-known actors and artists, the jury members, handed over awards to the pupils as well as their teachers with excellent results.

The contest festival created not only a festive mood, but also served a surprise to the residents of Hrazdan: the French Armenian famous and beloved singer Rosy Armen was attending the Festival. The latter thanked the schoolchildren for the impressive performances, and the NA President Hovik Abrahamyan for the initiative, which sows love towards Armenian Literature and Armenian renowned cultural figures.

In his turn the Head of the Parliament thanked all the persons who supported the event: the Head of the Marz, the directors of the schools, the jury and Rosy Armen who honoured the Festival with her presence. The NA President especially thanked the reciting children and their teachers for passing the two geniuses’ lines and feelings with such enthusiasm and skills. “We have a big intellectual potential, and that is our future”, said Hovik Abrahamyan, considering the remaining other material resources passing and exhaustive. According to the NA President, this initiative creates an opportunity for the Armenian masters’ works, and provide more and more recognition, which is an important contribution to the Armenian culture and art.