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Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment
Spheres of activities:
territorial administration, administrative-territorial division, local self-government, territorial development, municipal service, local taxes, duties and payments, agriculture, protection and sustainable development of the environment and laws governing those areas
Phone (374-11) 513 656

Contains 13 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Karapetyan Varazdat
(Committee Chair)
070 "My step"
Grigoryan Vardevan
(Committee Deputy Chair)
113 "Prosperous Armenia"
Asatryan Matevos
068 "My step"
Ayvazyan Hrant
131 "Bright Armenia"
Galstyan Meri
028 "My step"
Gasparyan Tatevik
062 "My step"
Ghalumyan Vahe
088 "My step"
Ghukasyan Vardan
112 "Prosperous Armenia"
Grigoryan Vardevan
113 "Prosperous Armenia"
Minasyan Sarik
132 "Bright Armenia"
Movsisyan Sergey
069 "My step"
Simidyan Hakob
060 "My step"
Tevonyan Sedrak
061 "My step"

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