Nazeli Baghdasaryan
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Born August 8, 1983 in Leninakan (now Gyumri).

2005 - Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Moscow International Academy of Entrepreneurship. Master of Law.

2008 - Participated in the training courses of educational programs of radio managers of “Radio Network Management” of the USA International Development Agency (Ukraine).

2017 - Participated in the training courses of educational programs of media lawyers of the Kiev Institute for Democracy and Rule of Law.

1999 - 2006 - Host of the programs of the TV company “Tsayg.”

2003 - 2005 - Assistant to the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

2005 - 2006 - Lecturer at the Yerevan branch of the Modern Humanitarian Academy of Moscow.

2005 - 2018 - Head of the Radio Station “Radio Hay Gyumri.”

2006 - 2018 - Lawyer of the LLC “Tsayg.”

Since 2012 - Author and host of the cycle of TV programs “In reality” of “Tsayg” TV company.

Since 2012 - Media expert in the area of political and commercial campaigns.

2014 - 2019 - Founding-owner of the LLC “Style Media.”

Since 2015 - Teaching mentor courses in public speaking and journalism.

August 21. 2018 - January 14. 2019 - Adviser to the governor of Shirak province of the Republic of Armenia.

Since 2011 - Full member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

2017 - 2019 - Member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund “Gyumri without Houses.”

Since 2018 - Member of the advisory board of the “Center for Youth Initiatives” (YIC) in Gyumri.

December 9, 2018 - Elected Member of the National Assembly from the territorial electoral list of the electoral district #11 of the “My Step” alliance of parties.

2005 - Author of the scientific work “Rights and Freedoms of a Man and Citizen.”

Married, with one child.