Birth date
"Prosperous Armenia"

She was born on January 25, 1942 in Yerevan.

In 1962 she graduated from Yerevan # 2 technical school. In 1975 she graduated from Kiev (Ukraine) Technological Institute of Light Industry. She is an engineer-technologist.

In 1959 she was a worker at Yerevan cannery. 1962-1965 she worked at Yerevan garment factory as a foreperson. 1965-1975 she worked at Yerevan engineering plant as senior commodity expert, head of export division. 1975-1979 she worked at the department of the planning economy of ASSR Ministry of Light Industry as chief economist, head of division of sewing, shoe and leather haberdashery, head of division. 1982-1985 she was appointed as director of the Krasni Sveynik branch of Clara Tsetkin garment production association. In 1985 she was general director of Garun garment production association. 1987-1991 she was a deputy at ASSR regional council. 1989-1992 she was a deputy of the USSR Supreme Council. 1991-1997 she was a member of RA Women’s All-Armenian Union Department. 1993-1999 she was a member of the department of Ararat diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. 1996-2007 she was a member of the presidium of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia. 1997-2007 she was elected chairman of the board and executive director of Garun OJSC.

In 1999 she was awarded a gold medal of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia and in 2000 she was granted the title of the Man of the Century at Biographical Institute of USA. She was awarded NKR President Mkhitar Gosh medal in 2001.

On May 12, 2007 she was elected a deputy of the National Assembly by the proportional system from the Prosperous Armenia Party. She is a chairperson of the Women’s council of the Prosperous Armenia Party.

She is married and has one child.