Birth date

He was born on June 2, 1959 in the village of Malishka in Yeghegnadzor region (Vayots Dzor marz).

In 1982 he graduated from Armenian Agrarian University with qualification of scientist- agronomist. In 1986 he graduated from the high school of Moscow, affiliated with LCYU central committee, got high education.

From 1975-1977 he worked at the factory. From 1982-1984 he was elected secretary of the Young Communist organization of the collective farm of the village Malishka. 1986-1987 he was second secretary of Yeghegnadzor LCYU regional committee, 1987-1991 first secretary. From 1991-1993 worked as director at Monitor Armenian-Russian joint venture experimental enterprise. 1993-2001 he was head of Yeghegnadzor regional tax inspectorate at the Ministry of State Incomes of the Republic of Armenia, then head of Vayots Dzor regional tax inspectorate, 2001-2003 he was deputy head of the control department of the Ministry of State Incomes of the Republic of Armenia, 2003-2004 advisor of the head of the State Tax Service adjunct to the government, 2004-2007 director of Magas Invest Ltd.

In 2002 he was granted a title of senior counselor of the second class of RA Tax Service.

On October 14, 2004 he was appointed as chief honorary consul of the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Korea by the decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.

On May 12, 2007 he was elected a deputy by the proportional electoral system from the Prosperous Armenia Party.

He is married and has two children.