Basis of Srtuctures of State and Local Authorities
Civil Legislation
Tax Legislation
Legislation on Accountancy and Audit
Legislation on Banking
Legislation on Securities, Currency Regulation and Currency Control
Legislation on Customs Duty and External Economic Activity
General Basis of Economic Activity
Civil and Administrative Procedure, Executive Conduct
Family Legislation
Housing Legislation
Labour Legislation, Employment of Population
Legislation on Social Security and Social Insurance
Legislation on Health Care, Education, Science and Culture
Land, Water and Air Legislation
Legislation on Enviroment, Nature Protection and Use of Natural Resources
Legislation on Defence
Legislation on Law Enforcement Bodies, Law and Order and Security
Legislation on Court, Judicial System, Advocacy and Legal Assistance
Penal Law, Criminal Action and Criminal Penitentiary Legislation
Legislation on Administrative Infringement of Law
International Law, Foreign Policy and International Relations