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RA NA Special Sitting Held
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On May 1, the RA National Assembly under Paragraph 3 of Article 140 of the Constitutional law the NA Rules of Procedure convened a special sitting to debate the item of the RA Prime Minister's election.

The RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan has noted that by Paragraph 2 of Article 149 of the RA Constitution and by the established order of the Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 140 of the RA Constitutional law the RA NA Rules of Procedure Nikol Pashinyan was nominated the RA Prime Minister's candidate.

According to the Speaker of the Parliament, today's sitting takes place in a peculiar situation. “The parliamentary majority has not nominated a candidate, and we are debating the nominated candidate’s item. This is an unprecedented phenomenon in our reality. At the same time, I am sure that irrespective of the fact what opinion or position will have everybody among us as an MP and as a faction, and everybody’s main goal is the stability, security of the country and the people’s welfare. Even during the tensest moments of the events occurred during recent days we have shown maximum restraint and tolerance towards each other what surprises the whole world. I urge all of you also to be restraint and well-behaved towards each other, listen to each other, respect the speaker’s word and the right of expressing opinion. We can and we are obliged to hold debates in the atmosphere of tolerance, as it is traditionally accepted in our National Assembly,” Ara Babloyan said.

The member of the RA NA Yelq/Way Out Faction Ararat Mirzoyan presented the Prime Minister’s nominee. He has noted that the RA NA ARF and Tsarukyan Factions back the nominee and at least, the RPA faction has announced on not impeding the process.

After presenting the Prime Minister nominee’s biography the MP indicated the main functions of the temporary government to be led by Nikol Pashinyan. According to him, the prior thing is the national political solidarity. The second is that this government should provide the regular activity of the country beginning from the protection of the borders and the stability of the financial system up to the operative solution of the current occurring problems. The third important function is to have reforms of the electoral system, and the fourth is the organisation of the extraordinary parliamentary elections.

Afterwards the RA Prime Minister’s nominee Nikol Pashinyan delivered a speech.

The RA NA members addressed questions to the Prime Minister nominee Nikol Pashinyan, which related to the security of the country, the foreign policy, the social-economic, legal problems existing in the republic and the perspectives of the economy development.

The RA NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov delivered a speech.

Touching upon the situation created in the country, he has noted that the power has not gone through denial means during these days, instead of it showing unique tolerance, restraint and work style of not dividing the society into different wings.

The RA NA deputies Naira Zohrabyan, Mihran Hobyan, Aram Sargsyan, Armenuhi Kyureghyan, Mane Tandilyan, Karen Bekaryan, Arman Saghatelyan, Sedrak Saroyan, Gagik Mikayel Melkumyan, Melikyan, Edmon Marukyan, Ararat Zurabyan, Armen Ashotyan, Aghvan Vardanyan, Gevorg Kostanyan, Karine Atshemyan, Khosrov Harutyunyan, Artak Zeynalyan, Koryun Nahapetyan,  Ararat Mirzoyan, Arpine Hovhannisyan, Margarit Yesayan, Sasun Mikayelyan delivered speeches.

The representatives of the RA NA Factions (the ARF, Tsarukyan, the RPA) expressed their viewpoints.

The RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan delivered an extraordinary speech. See the full speech here.

In his final speech the Prime Minister nominee Nikol Pashinyan welcomed the movement participants, noting that their victory cannot be laid under suspicion. He thanked the attendees for concerned discussions. Regarding the claims on the explosive situation in the republic, he has noted that it can only be in case when there certain correlation of forces which, according to him, lacks.

Nikol Pashinyan called on not to speak about clashes, shocks which will not take place as there is no force before the world.

The Prime Minister nominee stated that in case of threatening danger to the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh Republic the popular movement would be involved in the defense of the Motherland.

Nikol Pashinyan has documented that people who are concerned about the issues of solving the crisis by developing the economy of Armenia and its stability can easily overcome the problem, by voting for the people's nominee. He addressed the RPA deputies, underlining that they have an opportunity. According to Nikol Pashinyan, there is no option that the popular movement will not win without preconditions.

The Prime Minister nominee also touched upon the opinions about him and reaffirmed the intention of forming temporary, transitional government of national consent. He has proposed to undertake the solution of the issues in the transitional period, noting that a new phase begins and the period of hatred has closed the movement. Nikol Pashinyan has stated that the people's victory will take place in any case and called on to join the popular movement. He has stated that he has not refused the negotiations, but they cannot be on non existing themes. The Prime Minister nominee expressed hope that the results of voting will be aimed at the future and not to the past.

Nikol Pashinyan was not elected RA Prime Minister with 45 for and 56 against votes.

Speech by RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan at Special Sitting of National Assembly
Dear colleagues,First of all, I would like to thank everybody for though rather emotional, but on the other side, concerned and constructive debates.I would like to repeat again that one thing is evident: in our viewpoints and opinions we stem from the stability and security of the country.I am sure...

Statement by RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan
The RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan made a statement where it reads:“Today the Member of the National Assembly Grigor Avalyan presented his resignation.Under Article 155 of the Constitutional Law Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, if after the issuance of the resignation, during one week, the M...

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