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RA NA Factions Meet with Parliamentary Delegation of Sweden
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On May 15, the RA NA Factions met with the delegation headed by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Sweden Björn Söder.

The member of the RA NA Yelq/Way out Faction Edmon Marukyan presented the staff and the ideology of the RA NA Yelq alliance to the guests, noting that it had been formed as a result of having the same opinion on different issues.

Touching upon the alliance programmes, Edmon Marukyan highlighted the holding of the parliamentary extraordinary elections in the current year and the steps taken to the improvement of the social-economic situation and the boosting of the investments. The fight against corruption was especially highlighted. In this context he has informed that a Committee on Fight Corruption is now being formed.

The Swedish colleagues reserved special role in fight against corruption to the RA citizens and noted that they should wait for the steps of the government.

The Secretary of the RA NA ARF Faction Armenuhi Kyureghyan and the member of the Faction Romik Manukyan met with the members of the delegation. Welcoming the Swedish colleagues’ visit to Armenia, Armenuhi Kyureghyan emphasized the inter-parliamentary contacts and mutual interest at different levels. She expressed her gratitude to the Parliament of Sweden for the adoption of the Resolution on Recognition and Condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, highlighting that step in terms of the prevention of genocides that today after more than 100 years from genocide Turkey continues the denial policy.

At the guests’ request the MP referred to the inner-political recent processes, presented the motivations of joining the ARF Party to the people’s movement and the programmes of the party.

Armenuhi Kyureghyan expressed hope that the cooperation with the RPA Faction, the opposition being part of majority in parliament would be effective, and the implemented political processes would promote the immigration and the stream of investments. The Secretary of the ARF Faction considered prior the fight against corruption, the restoration of the social justice and the further development of economy.

Romik Manukyan has noted that there are no agreements in the foreign policy, as well as Nagorno Karabakh settlement. According to her, the viewpoints of the ARF, RPA and Way out Factions coincide in the issues on the foreign policy.

The RA NA Deputy Speaker Mikayel Melkumyan, MPs Marina Margaryan, Karine Poghosyan, Shake Isayan and Hakob Nazaryan met with the members of the delegation from the RA NA Tsarukyan Faction.

The Head of the Swedish delegation thanked the Armenian side for having productive discussions in the parliament. They positively assessed the manifestations of democracy recorded in the inner-political life of Armenia.

Mikayel Melkumyan thanked the Swedish Parliament for recognizing the Armenian Genocide. “Unfortunately, the technologies of committing genocides are improved and under the name of military actions such crimes are also committed. We should exclude them,” he said.

The NA Deputy Speaker touched upon the inner-political situation of Armenia, highlighted the settlement of the created situation within the framework of the Constitution and laws for the benefit of the stability and security of the state and people’s welfare.

According to Mikayel Melkumyan, we should have extraordinary parliamentary elections with the new Electoral Code. He expressed hope that the economy would be decentralized, the justice system would be improved and the investment attractiveness would rise.

The members of the Faction emphasized the development and the strengthening of the relations between the two countries.

The MPs Gagik Melikyan, Tatshat Vardapetyan, Karine Atshemyan and Arsen Mikhailov from the RA RPA Faction met with the members of the Swedish delegation.

Presenting the ongoing political process in Armenia Gagik Melikyan noted that due to their efforts the power was transferred through peaceful means. He assured that in the future the parliamentary faction would not impede the work of the government. The MP has underlined that the Russian, Assyrian, Kurdish and Yezidi communities have their representatives in the parliament, appreciating it as one more vivid example of democracy.

According to Gagik Melikyan, the fight against corruption in the whole world, as well as in Armenia is connected with serious problems. “The corruption does not always want to retreat. In that issue we’ll cooperate with the newly formed government.”

Regarding the NK conflict problem, the MP considered prior the peaceful settlement within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Karine Atshemyan referred to the activities Parliamentary Friendship Groups and the effective cooperation of the delegations on the inter-parliamentary platforms.

The sides discussed issues on the development of the Armenian-Swedish relations and the bilateral upcoming programmes.

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