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Samvel Farmanyan’s Speech in PACE Session
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The Member of the RA NA delegation to PACE Samvel Farmanyan delivered a speech in PACE Session. The speech is below:

“Madame President, distinguished colleagues,

Armenia has been in the center of the attention of this Assembly and European politics in the time being discussed. A peaceful transfer of power took place in Armenia marking the strength and maturity of Armenian democracy. This was made possible due to the bold sense of responsibility and commitment by both the organizers of massive protests and the then-government of Armenia. This was another response to all those having concerns regarding Armenian democracy.

It is obvious that the Armenian democracy has obtained a new chance for making it stronger and guaranteeing that it is irreversible. Any chance is a challenge too. I do hope that the wave of hope, optimism and solidarity within the large layers of Armenian society will not be blocked by not well-thought actions approaching the sensitive line of consolidation of lawfulness and political oppression, generation of public support for the new government and steps that may be qualified as pressure on free media pushing it to self-censorship and silence. The massive and well-organized campaign, engaging government officials against the “Hraparak” daily is concerning and I call the new Government from this chamber to react on this issue and position itself as a unequivocal supporter of free media.

I believe that the new Government understands it very well that Armenia does not have any other viable alternative to its democratic path where free media stands as an important cornerstone.

The state of affairs around Naghorno-Karabakh has dramatically increased our concerns over the possibility of a new Azerbaijani aggression against NK and Armenia. An unprecedented accumulation of troops along the line of contact between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan, as well as along the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a continuous massive possession of attacking weaponry, including US-made Bell-412 helicopters, against the American and international law, goes hand in hand with unprecedented war propaganda within the Azerbaijani society.

Colleagues, many experts believe a new Azerbaijani military aggression against the people of NK is knocking at the door and southeastern corner of our continent smells with guns. The Assembly and its member states should be very clear that any military aggression by Azerbaijan is not welcomed and should be prevented.

I am here to deliver a clear message to Azerbaijani military-political leadership that if not prevented any possible military aggression against the people of NK then the new attempt will be stopped and properly punished by the forces of the Armenian military. I am here to voice an apparent truth that war is not an option and that Azerbaijan does not have a chance to break the will of the people of Artsakh and challenge their freedom. I am also here to voice it clearly that we are all one and the differences among the political forces in Armenia will be replaced by unity and solidarity of our people full of dedication and determination when it comes to justice, memory and identity, when it comes to Nagorno-Karabakh as it happened in early 1990s.

Those who are wise enough usually learn lessons from their own history, including the modern history. Hopefully Azerbaijani leadership is among them.” Samvel Farmanyan said.

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