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Speech by RA NA Vice President Mikayel Melkumyan in PACE Summer Session
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“Dear Colleagues,

Certainly, the solution of social, educational, labor and other problems of refugees is one of the most important issues in Europe and in the world.

The issue of refugees is still super topical, and it is unacceptable and inhuman that Refugee children 's family has no opportunity to enjoy their human rights.

At one of the previous sessions, I said in this hall that we should not allow social dumping. The subject of public consensus can be ensuring the right of refugee children to enjoy high quality social, educational and health services .

It is also necessary for statistical bodies like Eurostat, provide us with the Future Social Trends for various layers of society, including children, through which we can regulate and prevent unhealthy and inhumane phenomena for refugees.

I assure you that there is a need to have a statistical methodology for the actual assessment of the abovementioned phenomena.

This means that statistical services from different countries will take obligations to provide information on the current situation of refugees and their children.

We have already said, and it is a fact that Armenia has received about 21,000 Syrian-Armenian refugees, including children, whose work, education and social issues are solved.

So let's solve these problems we’ll have dignified future,” the RA NA Vice President, the Member of the Armenian delegation to PACE Mikayel Melkumyan noted.

Ara Babloyan Makes a Statement on Proposing CC Judge and Holding Election
“Under Part 1 of Article 166 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Article 213 and the Part 3 of Article 141 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly Constitutional Law of the Republic of Armenia, the Judges’ General Assembly proposed Arman Dilanyan’s candidacy for the vacant sea...

RA NA President Ara Babloyan Sends Letter of Condolence on Misak Davtyan’s Death
“I learnt with deep grief on the death of one of the benefactors of bio-chemistry in Armenia Academician Misak Davtyan.Through many decades I have known the merited scientist, seen how devotedly he has undertaken the creation and establishment of the new scientific school of bio-chemistry in paralle...

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