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Ara Babloyan’s Congratulatory Message on Constitution Day
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“Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you on one of our most important state holidays – on Constitution Day. Twenty-three years ago we adopted a document of unique importance for strengthening the Armenian newly independent statehood with free will, which summed up our dream of building self-sovereign, democratic, social, legal state at the threshold of the third millennia.

The Armenian people ratified the decision conditioned by its high legal conscience in times, when hardly a year ago cannons silenced, and the real threats directed to peace were much more than the fragile guarantees of stable development.

The Mother Law of the Republic of Armenia predetermined the further procedure and the development way of our state. In different havens of building of independent statehood it had undergone changes twice and brilliantly fulfilling its historical mission, permanently remained the basis of the settlement of all kinds of legal relations, and on legal plane became the permanent alert guard.

And today, the establishment of the undeniable priority of the Constitution and full use of the Constitution is conditioned by the free execution of everybody’s rights and decent fulfillment of the obligations in the state and public life. And it is the most important precondition of Armenia’s stable development in all spheres.

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia guides us like a light of a beacon through almost twenty-five years on the hard way of creating a democratic state. And we'll have to preciously cherish our eye our state symbols, as their day we also celebrate today.

Once again congratulating on Constitution Day I wish all of us peace, health, happiness and welfare,” the congratulatory message by the RA NA Ara Babloyan reads.

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