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Delegation Led by Ara Babloyan Takes Part in Conference of Presidents of La Francophonie Parliaments
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On July 5, the delegation of the RA NA President Ara Babloyan took part in the works of the Conference of Presidents of La Francophonie Parliaments. Ara Babloyan delivered a speech within the framework of the theme How to Improve the Representation of the Public in La Francophonie Parliaments , noting:

“Armenia is proud of belonging to Francophone big family with which shares the values of humanity and solidarity.

We support the steps taken by the Member States of Francophonie which are aimed at the protection of human rights, the provision of equality between women and men, the preservation of fundamental values of democracy and the rise of the young people's role.

In almost all spheres of political and public life of Armenia the women's role year by year increases. In the Electoral Code adopted on May 25, 2016 it is distinctly fixed that at least one woman should be among every five persons of the proportional lists of the all political parties or allies taking part in the parliamentary elections, as a result of which, the women's involvement in the parliament is significant. 18 Members of the National Assembly of the sixth convocation out of 105 are female and they actively take part in all parliamentary discussions.

One of the three Vice Presidents of the National Assembly is female, who is also the Head of the Armenian delegation to PACE, and before she has been the RA Minister of Justice.

The national minorities living in Armenia were given an opportunity to be presented in the National Assembly by the Electoral Code. Four representatives of the National minorities received a mandate in the parliament of the sixth convocation. The representative of the Kurdish community presided over the RA NA first session.

La Francophonie is a special platform of cooperation for the Armenian youth. La Francophonie world, highly assessing the role and significance of the youth tries to encourage and support the young people's initiatives in any way.

In 2016 the Francophone Youth Parliament of Armenia functioning adjunct to the parliament was established by the initiative and support of the Head of the RA NA delegation Margarit Yesayan in the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie.

Our country permanently made the young people participants in law-making works, helped to become young leaders, and its vivid evidence is the Youth Parliament formed in 2004.”

The delegation also took part in the working meeting of the Presidents of La Francophonie Parliaments and the Secretaries General of the Parliaments.

The Head of the RA NA delegation led by the RA NA President to the APF Margarit Yesayan is in the delegation.

Representatives of Youth Organizations in Parliament
On July 6, the Secretary of the RA NA Tsarukyan Faction Vahe Enfiajyan met with the participants of the programme Youth Government of Armenia representing different higher educational institutions of the capital, the representatives of the NGOs Armenian-Russian Youth Unity and Eternal Battalion. Wel...

Recommendations of RA NA Tsarukyan Presented to Parliamentary Working Group of RA Electoral Legislation Reforms
On July 6, the working group convened the next sitting created for the reforms of the electoral legislation from the representatives of the RA NA RPA, ARF, Tsarukyan and Yelq/Way out Factions, which moderated the Member of the RA NA Yelq Faction Edmon Marukyan. Sergey Bagratyan from the RA NA Tsaruk...

Ara Babloyan Meets with Speaker of House of Commons of Canada in Quebec
Visit of the delegation led by the RA NA President Ara Babloyan to Quebec continues. On July 5, within the framework of the visit Ara Babloyan met with the Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada Geoff Regan. The RA NA President congratulated Geoff Regan on the occasion of the National Holiday of ...

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