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Margarit Yesayan’s Speech at Political Affairs Committee of La Francophonie PA 44th Plenary Session
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The Head of the RA NA delegation to La Francophonie PA Margarit Yesayan delivered a speech at Political Affairs Committee of La Francophonie PA 44th Plenary Session.

“Dear Colleagues,

I welcome you on the occasion of holding La Francophonie PA 44th Session. This year the Francophone world works with rather full agenda which is very important for making reality the slogan of living together and working together. In October the 17th Summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) in the capital of Armenia will take place, and I think your countries will be properly represented in this important forum. This is very important for my country and important especially now. I am sure that all of you have attentively followed the events in Armenia during March-April-May, smooth change of power which took place in our country.

You know that from April of this year Armenia was absorbed in the vortex of political processes: the demonstrations of dozens of thousands of opposition resulted in the resignation of the Prime Minister of the country Serzh Sargsyan on April 23, who only 6 days before that was elected Prime Minister by the parliament, before that being the head of the country for ten years.

The current situation of Armenia is unique in several terms. First of all, Armenia is one of the unique countries of the world, where the people, the opposition succeeded to grasp the power as a result of non-violent demonstrations. During the three-week rallies no case of disorder was registered, no ill-bred action of vandalism marked the rallies of the national revolt. It is worth also to note that the head of the country leaving his office was deprived of the use of force, not remaining stuck to the power. Perhaps, this can be a very succeeded open lesson of democracy for many countries.

This people’s consolidation was also unique in terms of not having 'geopolitical agenda.' The geo-politics had no role in any episode of the ‘velvet change of power.’ As to leader of opposition, no representative of power even made an attempt to get involved in the international policy.

As a result of three-week revolt, after Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation, on May 8 the head of the opposition Nikol Pashinyan was elected Prime Minister by the RA National Assembly. To ensure the stability of the country Serzh Sargsyan personally insisted on providing 53 necessary votes from the Republicans being the majority for electing Nikol Pashinyan in the office of the Prime Minister.

Already the former ruling force, the RPA clearly announced that it would not impede, but instead will support them in order the people’s candidate would be elected Prime Minister, as well as would support that the programme of the new government would be passed without difficulties. The RPA supports and will aslo support the new government as a constructive opposition in the further works.

During these days a process of amending the Electoral Code goes on in our country, and all the political forces in the parliament and out of it, as well as the government work united, in the elaboration of the Code acceptable for the sides. I believe that the parliamentary extraordinary elections which the society expects, cannot be in rush, unless the important and the responsible event has not been held in our country: the 17th Summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie, after which Armenia shall become a presiding country in this structure.

The new head of the government also announced after being elected that Armenia will be faithful to its all international obligations and will not put under doubt its membership neither to the Eurasian Economic Union, nor the CSTO, as well as the Comprehensive and Enhanced Agreement with the EU. The new-elect Prime Minister and the new government reaffirmed the commitment of Armenia: to decently host the Summit of La Francophonie on October 11-13 of this year and ensure its full success. Our state is ready to receive the participants of the 17th Summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie: to organize the works in accordance with all international norms.

The RA waits for this important event and is waiting for all of you.

Welcome to Armenia. The slogan ‘Live Together’ shall become beloved and close to our hearts,” the Head of the RA NA delegation to La Francophonie PA Margarit Yesayan noted.

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