Ara Babloyan Sends Congratulatory Address on Emergency Situations Worker’s Day
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“Dear workers and veterans of the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, I congratulate you on your professional holiday, the Emergency Situations Worker’s Day.

Today, as a result of purposeful work for many years after Spitak disastrous earthquake we have a capabable and established system of withstanding the emergency situations which due to your high professionalism and devotion enjoys the trust of the society, as you are always the first who help the people in unpredictable and hard situations, you are the first who withstand the natural and technological disasters.

At the same time, showing active participation numerous times to the elimination of the consequences of the disasters happened to other states, there you have genuinely become the peculiar symbol of the mercy and good will of Armenia and the Armenian people.

I am thankful for selflessly fulfilling your work full of danger and saving numerous human losses.

Your role is invaluable not only withstanding the disasters and the reducing the inevitable consequences as much as possible, but also forecasting, preventing, quick response, as well as the undeviating improvement of the capabilities of the management of the crisis situations, and giving knowledge of protecting the population from the disasters. I wish you new achievements in these most important spheres.

On behalf of the Republic of Armenia and me I congratulate you on Emergency Situations Worker’s Day,” the congratulatory address by the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan reads.

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