RA NA President Ara Babloyan Offers Condolence Message on Jemma Ananyan\'s Death
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“I learn with deep pain about the death of the state and public figure, deputy of the parliaments of the three convocations of the Soviet Armenia and the Republic of Armenia Jemma Ananyan.

Through five decades she devoted her life to the prosperity and development of Ijevan and the operation of the industrial new capacities actively took part in the state life of Armenia.

As Chair of the Standing Committee on Youth Affairs of the ArmSSR Supreme Council, then Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Health Care and Nature Protection she did great and thankful work with the same energy for the elaboration and upgrading of the legislative field concerning these spheres.

During Karabakh movement Jemma Ananyan distinguished with her civil high posture and permanently opposing the Soviet authorities, persistently defended the interests of Armenia and the Armenians.

On behalf of the parliament of the Republic of Armenia and me I offer my deep condolences to Jemma Ananyan's family members and relatives and share their sorrow,” the RA NA President Ara Babloyan's condolence message.

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