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Ara Babloyan’s Condolence Message on Memory of 7 December 1988 Spitak Disaster Earthquake Victims
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“Dear sisters and brothers, today in Armenia, in Artsakh and in all corners of Diaspora we bow our head before the memory of the thousands of victims of Spitak disastrous earthquake.

Also we recall minute by minute our emotions and consolidation in one of the saddest days of the Armenian people’s newest history for taking out of the ruins and also saving at least one more life in the tent hospitals. As a doctor I believe that everybody will link up the December 7 with the feeling of involuntary guilt for those who died and the joy felt for every life saved by us.

Spitak earthquake reminded the world shocking from political and other contradictions how fragile is the human life, and more than seven dozens of the states immediately responded our pain. And we will never forget the rescuers from Armenia and other states being in unequal struggle, whose courage and devotion erased the interracial and all borders. And we also remember with gratitude the doctors, who after many years of the earthquake made so much effort for rehabilitation of the health of people with disabilities, the psychologists working in the disaster area, the social workers, builders and people with other specialists.

Dear compatriots, the lessons of Spitak disaster earthquake involving hundreds of settlements of Shirak, Lori and Tavush are numerous. They made us cast completely with other glance the problems of seismicity, the creation of sub-structures, quick response to disasters and many and many other problems. Irrespective of the huge work done during the past thirty years for learning those lessons, today we should compare to see what we’ll do tomorrow, the next day in order to reinforce the resistance of Armenia and not let any natural or technogen disaster cause losses.

I bow again before the memory of Spitak earthquake victims, I express my sympathy to their relatives and friends and pay my respect to all those, who during those bitter days came to put medicine to our endless wounds from different sides of the world,” Ara Babloyan’s condolence message reads.

Ara Babloyan Honours Memory of 1988 Earthquake Victims in Gyumri
Today, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of 7 December 1988 Spitak disaster earthquake the RA NA President Ara Babloyan visited Gyumri.The RA NA President, the RA Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Members of the AGovernment, Representatives of diplomatic corps, foreign guests laid wre...

Secretaries General of Parliamentary Administrations of the Eastern Partnership Countries Pay Tribute in Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex
On December 7, the Secretaries General of Parliamentary Administrations of the Eastern Partnership Countries accompanied by the RA NA Chief of Staff-Secretary General Ara Saghatelyan visited Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex.The guests laid flowers at the eternal fire perpetuating the memory of the 1...

Memorandum on Creating Joint Research Centre of Parliaments of Eastern Partnership Countries in Yerevan
On December 7, in the RA National Assembly the 2nd Working Meeting of the Secretaries General of Parliamentary Administrations of the Eastern Partnership Countries continued.At the beginning of the Meeting, by the proposal of the Secretary General of the Parliament of Georgia Givi Mikanadze presidin...

Regular Sitting of Parliament Not Held
The December 7 regular sitting of the RA National Assembly was not held. In the morning necessary number of deputies was not registered. Under the Constitutional Law the NA Rules of Procedure, the deputies’ registration continued for four hours, but by 14:00, nine deputies were registered.By th...

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