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Parliament Begins Debate of RA Government Draft Programme
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On February 12, under the Part 8 of Article 33 of the Constitutional Law 'The Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly' the parliament convened regular sitting of the first session of the National Assembly to debate the RA Government draft programme.

The RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan has informed that the protocol N 2 on providing the mandate of the deputy who has been elected NA deputy and stopped pre-term the authorities to the next candidate has been received from the CEC, according to which, the mandate is given to the candidate who has received maximum votes from the N 4 Territorial Electoral List of My Step Parties' Alliance Vardan Atabekyan. The deputy has sworn-in in accordance with the Constitutional Law 'The Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly.'

Afterwards the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the Government programme. He congratulated the deputies on being elected, wishing them fruitful and virtuous service.

The Prime Minister touched upon the parliamentary extraordinary elections held on 9 December 2018, underlining that they were unique in the history of the Third Republic, as the local and international observation missions, international organizations, as well as the public in Armenia assessed them as free, fair, competitive and democratic. According to the Prime Minister, the political phase of the revolution in Armenia ended by the extraordinary elections.

The RA NA deputies addressed various questions to the RA Prime Minister, trying to clarify the reforms and steps envisaged by the Government programme in a number of spheres. The legislators' questions addressed to the efficiency of the state government, in terms of the population security the reinforcement of the damaged buildings, the problems existing in the judicial sphere, the transitional justice, the citizens' participation in the development process of economy, the probation service investment efficiency, fight against shadow economy, the tourism development, government-parliament close cooperation, advocacy, Notary Office, the steps being taken in the spheres of arbitrary service implementation, etc.

Touching upon the negotiation process of Nagorno Karabakh conflict peaceful settlement, Nikol Pashinyan has noted that in the context of this issue he can negotiate on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, but not on behalf of Artsakh Republic, as the Artsakh people formed state power bodies as a result of elections, giving authority in his name to act in the negotiations through them. The speaker highlighted the NK representative's participation, reminding the attendees that in the format of 1994 Budapest format is recognized as negotiating side.

Talking about the issue of the country's energy supply security, the Prime Minister noted that Armenia should make efforts for continuously having nuclear power. Nikol Pashinyan has emphasized the development of alternative energy and restoring power, underlining that according to international all standards our country has big potential of solar energy development, and in this issue cooperates with a number of foreign companies.

Regarding the implementation of economic policy the Prime Minister has noted that the Government has a goal to raise the salaries and create jobs.

The Prime Minister observed the relations with Iran in the context of political, bilateral economic, as well as the EEU-Iran relations. Noting that the Agreement on free trade signed between the EEU and Iran is in the phase of ratification, Nikol Pashinyan has underscored that according to analyses, the use of that mechanism will make an essential change in the Armenian-Iranian relations. It has been stated that there is active cooperation with Iran in the sphere, and there is an intention for deepening it. According to the Prime Minister, the political relations are at high level, and its evidence is his upcoming visit to that state. The RA Prime Minister emphasized the development of tourism in overcoming poverty and boosting the small and medium business.

The speaker also referred to the development of business communities outside Yerevan, the boosting of eco-tourism for which the government has relevant financial means and levers.

Talking about the super-Prime Ministerial system, Nikol Pashinyan has stressed that they are for the use of the mechanisms of the effective checks and balances. To Nikol Pashinyan's assessment, super concentration of power should not be, it should certainly be decentralized.

The RA Prime Minister also talked about the problems in agriculture, environment, health care, urban development and other numerous spheres and the mechanisms of their solution.

The National Assembly will continue its work on February 13, at 10:00.

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