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Parliament Approves Government Programme
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On February 14, the RA National Assembly continued the debate of the Government draft programme. The deputies presented their viewpoints on the draft law.

In a number of speeches it was considered necessary to make the programme more definite, provide the independence of the judicial power and the judge, and raise the degree of the Government’s responsibility and the respect towards the teacher. There was a proposal to increase the implementation risks and guarantees of the programme. The creation of the necessary conditions for the investments was highlighted, and it was noted that the state debt was not touched upon. According to some observations, the goal of the programme is revolutionary, but the content is not.

Some of the deputies emphasized the fight against corruption, the rise of the state system employees’ salaries, the definition of strict punishments against law violators and the simplification of the tax legislation, quoting the example of Singapore. In their speeches many MPs assessed the Government programme as provider of economic development.

The deputies have noted that the tool set of the implementation of economic revolution declared by the Government is presented. An opinion was voiced for opening offices on repatriation. They also talked about the necessity of the implementation of the changes in the cinema production.

It has been noted that the citizen’s trust towards parliament is high, and it shall be strengthened with further actions. Armenia-Diaspora relations, foreign relations, the optimization process to be expected in the state system and the GDP growth rates have been referred to.

It has been noted that the former false system has been refused and the time of economic revolution has come, which without people’s participation is impossible to carry out.

The RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan delivered an extraordinary speech.

With regards to the construction of reservoirs designed by the Government programme the NA Speaker has answered his colleagues’ interpellations, assuring that though there are no terms in the Government programme, but the reservoirs will be built.

The NA Speaker has agreed with Edmon Marukyan’s observation that it is difficult to be an opposition after revolution, but it is more difficult to be a power ten times more, and it is more difficult to be a citizen hundred times more.

“This programme can be implemented only in case, if the Government could awaken the citizens’ faith, conscience and participation. In that case the citizens’ victory would be provided. This, to my deep conviction, is the only and most serious challenge of the Government. If the programme is succeeded, the reservoirs will be built, and the pensions will be raised. If it is not succeeded, then the programme will not be implemented,” Ararat Mirzoyan said.

The representatives of the political forces of the parliament presented viewpoints on the document.

The Head of the RA NA Bright Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan noted that the Government presented a programme, but the bill on the structure of the Government was not brought to the parliament yet, which was a necessity. The Bright Armenia will vote against the programme.

Naira Zohrabyan presented the viewpoint of the RA NA Prosperous Armenia faction. The deputy has informed that the voting of the faction depends on the adoption of the proposals presented by them.

The Head of the RA NA My Step Faction Lilit Makunts presented the positive position on the document. According to her, the Government programme is a peculiar message and guideline, it is revolutionary. My Step Faction will vote for the programme.

The RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan delivered a final speech. He touched upon the deputies’ speeches, observations and gave clarifications, According to him, during the debate of the programme they have not referred to the pre-electoral programme of My Step Alliance, which is the basis of upcoming five-year programme of the Government’s activity.

The Prime Minister has clarified that the Government has its share of works to be done and responsibility, which also the citizens have. According to Nikol Pashinyan, the citizens should believe in their forces, and change in the people’s way of thinking is necessary for overcoming the poverty.

“It won’t be bad and worse, it will be good and better, but we shall believe in it,” Nikol Pashinyan underlined.

The Prime Minister has also related to the spheres of economy, education, tax policy, air transportation, as well as the deputies’ recommendations, clarifying that today the RA Constitution does not let to make amendments in the programme.

As a result of voting the document was passed with 88 for, 40 against votes.

Covering the agenda the parliament ended the work of the first session of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation.

The NA second session will convene its first sitting on March 5.

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