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Second Session of RA NA Seventh Convocation Ends under Sounds of RA Anthem
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On June 20, the RA National Assembly continued the work of the regular sittings.

The members of the legislative and executive bodies voiced their assessments on the item On Approving the Annual Report of the RA State Budget Execution for 2018.

The speakers were: the RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, the MPs Mikayel Melkumyan, Hamazasp Danielyan, Artak Manukyan, the RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan, the RA Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan and the RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Sub-Structures Suren Papikyan.

The Head of the RA NA Bright Armenia Faction Edmon Marukyan noted that the Faction would vote for the report.

Sergey Bagratyan highlighted the provision of honest and purposeful cooperation between the political forces on behalf of the RA NA Prosperous Armenia Faction.

Anna Karapetyan presented the viewpoint of the RA NA My Step Faction on the Annual Report.

In his extraordinary speech the RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan touched upon the implemented programmes and achievements by the government in different spheres. The NA Speaker noted that 51.000 jobs had been taken from the shadow, from July 1 the salaries of the servicemen, from September 1 the teachers would rise, 410 apartments had been given for free with a right of property to the families of servicemen and deceased servicemen, as a result of amendments made on 1 July 2018 in the accumulated pension system the salaries 209.000 people had been risen, and the salary of 200.000 persons would rise after the amendments to the Tax Code. It was noted that the pension of 85.000 retired people and persons getting allowances had been raised from the food poverty line. From 1 July 2018, then from 1 January 2019 the salary of more than 10.000 medical workers had been raised and would be raised by almost 30%, 15.000 medical workers were included in the social insurance packages and would make use of heal care this component. Ararat Mirzoyan reminded that the amount of the childbirth allowance had been tripled in case of the second childbirth, turning from 50.000 into 150.000. The credit history of about 125.000 creditors had been covered.

The Head of the parliament also spoke about the steps taken in the context of territorial equal development, noting that in 2018 the government implemented 152 programmes with 3.8bln AMD in total. In 2019 the executive body intends to allocate 10bln AMD for this purpose, which, according to Ararat Mirzoyan, is an unprecedented amount.

It was noted that Armenia-Iran electric power transmission third line construction works launched in 2006 went on with great strength. In 2018 the road construction plan was over fulfilled by 60%, 200km road was repaired, in 2019 it is designed to repair at least 330km road. 17 preparatory schools were founded in Yerevan and in the marzes with 425 children. In 2018 the number of those arriving in Armenia exceeded with more than 15.000 people of those leaving the country (in the last decades there was no such number). It is spoken about the steps to be taken in the recovery of gold reserves. “This is not if not a brilliant overfulfillment of the bad budget draft,” Ararat Mirzoyan underscored.

Regarding the criticism sounding on human resources policy, the NA Speaker proposed to speak concretely, as otherwise an opportunity is given to rectify it. In this context the Head of the parliament touched upon the professionalism of the chosen human resources with concrete examples.

Ararat Mirzoyan recorded in terms of criticism on inclusiveness the draft laws presented by the opposition were not passed on the previous 5 years that much, as in the last 6 months.

The NA Speaker urged the government to continue going on in adopted two directions: operative solutions and investments on hot items in long-term strategic plan and efforts expecting result. Ararat Mirzoyan expressed his support to the executive body in the implementation of those two directions.

“Solve the social issues, sub-structures and investment environments in parallel in a way as you have done until now. Everything is brilliant, well done,” the Head of theparliament noted.

Summing up the annual report of the previous year state budget, in his final speech the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted that the year 2018 in terms of the budget had been unprecedented in the world history: in Armenia one election of the President of the Republic of Armenia, five elections of the Prime Minister, two changes of the Prime Minister, the NA snap elections, snap election of the Mayor of Yerevan, snap elections in several cities were held, and Velvet Revolution happened.

“We can say that the government has brilliantly done its work, as in the context of political shocks the RA regular life has fully been provided. During that period global transition from the semi-presidential to parliamentary system took place,” the Prime Minister underscored.

Nikol Pashinyan reflected upon some criticism on the activity of the government and presented clarifications particularly about the slow procedure of the reforms, the judicial-legal system reforms, the establishment of genuinely independent judicial system, the change of the government structure, the economic developments, the underfulfillment of the state budget expenditure and the viewpoints on a number of other issues.

As a result of voting, the parliament passed the Annual Report of the RA State Budget for 2018 with 94 for and 17 against.

Afterwards the draft law on Ratifying the Agreement of the Member States of the Organization on Collective Security in the Sphere of Provision of Information Security was debated, and the Director of the RA National Security Artur Vanetsyan presented it.

The member of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security Armen Khachatryan urged his colleagues to vote for the initiative, informing that the Committee gave an endorsement.

The NA Deputy Speaker Vahe Enfiajyan, the NA deputies Mikayel Zolyan, Mikayel Melkumyan and Shake Isayan spoke about the information security challenges and in this context the importance of the Agreement provisions.

Afterwards the item of the Election of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Member was debated. Under the Article 144 of the RA Constitutional Law the NA Rules of Procedure, the Faction My Step of the National Assembly nominated Grigor Bekmezyan as a candidate for the SJC member.

The Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Vladimir Vardanyan in his speech mentioned the candidate’s biographical data and professional qualities.

At the second half of the day, under the Article 5 of the RA Constitutional Law on the Constitutional Court, on June 18 Vahe Grigoryan elected as CC Judge by the National Assembly has sworn in the parliament and from that moment turned to the implementation of his authorities and obligations.

The MPs continued debating the item of the election of the Supreme Judicial Council member.

After the election the Chair of the RA NA Accounting Committee Vahagn Hovakimyan informed that Grigor Bekmezyan was elected SJC member with 107 for and 4 against.

According to the Judicial Code, the newly elected SJC member Grigor Bekmezyan, immediately after being elected by the parliament at the NA sitting in the solemn conditions had sworn in, after which signed the sworn-in text.

Extraordinary Session of National Assembly to be Convened on June 21 at 10:00
By the decision of the RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan, under Article 100 of the RA Constitution and Article 44 of the RA Constitutional Law the NA Rules of Procedure, on the RA NA deputies’ initiative an extraordinary session of the National Assembly will be convened on June 21, at 10:00 by the initi...

Results of Visit to Ulan Bator Summed Up
On June 20, the members of the RA NA Armenia-Mongolia Friendship Group Lilit Stepanyan, Aleksey Sandikov, Rubik Stepanyan headed by Mikayel Melkumyan summed up the results of their visit to Ulan Bator.As Mikayel Melkumyan has informed, the Armenian parliamentarians being in Ulan Bator on an official...

Pupils and Teachers of Jrapi Secondary School of Shirak Marz in Parliament
On June 20, within the framework of the Open Doors programme the pupils and teachers of Jrapi Secondary School of the RA Shirak Marz visited the parliament. The deputy of My Step faction Sofia Hovsepyan conducted Open Lesson with the guests.Welcoming the schoolchildren in the National Assembly, the ...

Vahe Enfiajyan Receives Ambassador of Bulgaria to Armenia
On June 20, the RA NA Vice President Vahe Enfiajyan received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary the Republic of Bulgaria to Armenia Maria Pavlova Tzotzorkova-Kaymaktchieva.The NA Vice President has touched upon the friendly relations between the two countries, underlining that there...

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