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Open Lessons in National Assembly
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On November 12, the students and lecturers of Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University and Gymuri Branch of Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) visited the parliament.

The guests got acquainted with the history of Armenian parliamentarism in the NA Museum, and observed the works of the parliament from the box of the NA Session Hall.

The deputies of the RA NA My Step Faction, the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on European Integration Arman Yeghoyan, Aleksey Sandikov, Koryun Mkrtchyan, Gor Gevorgyan, Mikayel Zolyan conducted the Open Lesson for the students of Armenian-Russian University.

During the meeting ideas were exchanged over the formation of the Youth Parliament. The students opined that such structure would give an opportunity to the young people to get familiarized with the legislative works and to take the first steps to the politics.

They have discussed the provision of the working draft law on Higher Education and Science revised by the Government, which proposes to consider non-compulsory studying the subjects the Armenian Language, the Armenian Literature and the History of Armenia in non-professional faculties of the higher educational institutions. Arman Yeghoyan has noted that during 12-year education the pupils get sufficient knowledge from the abovementioned subjects, thus making non compulsory their studying in the higher educational institutions.

According to Mikayel Zolyan, it refers to studying of the subjects and the sovereignty of other higher educational institutions.

The students have noted there is a lack of information in relation to this, and as a result variant reading exists.

The Deputy Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Artak Manukyan conducted the Open Lesson for the students and lecturers of the ASUE Gymuri. He presented the procedures of elaboration, debate and adoption of the state budget. According to him, the state budget is not only a basic financial, but also a political document of the country, as it is debated and adopted with the participation of the political forces presented in the parliament. It has been noted that the designed 4.9% economic growth is a realistic index. As Artak Manukyan has assured, it is necessary to build an economic system aimed at the export, as well as to boost the development of the sub-structures, for which the draft state budget for 2020 gives that opportunity. The MP highlighted the increase of the pensions envisaged next year by 10%, the rise of the salaries of the teachers, law enforcement structures and the employees of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of the Emergency Situations. The uncompromising fight against corruption and shadow was also considered important. The importance of the compulsory demand of cheques from the shops by the citizens was underlined.

Afterwards the Chair of the NA Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment Varazdat Karapetyan participated in the meeting. The MP has emphasized the enlargement of the communities which, according to him, allows solving with joint forces many inner-community problems. The decentralisation policy under implementation was stressed. In the near future the strategy of the agrarian policy will be revised which will serve as a basis for the adoption of the sphere’s new legislation. Varazdat Karapetyan also touched upon the preservation of the environment, drinking water, the forests and the strategy of the bowels being at the phase of elaboration.

As Artak Manukyan has informed, next year a system of apricot and grapes insurance will be invested. In the purposeful organization of the agricultural works he considered important the role and significance of the rural cooperatives.

The speakers answered to the students’ numerous questions and wished them high advancement and implementation of goals.

On the same day the students of Gavar State University also visited the parliament.

The deputies of the RA NA My Step Faction Viktor Yengibaryan, Hayk Sargsyan and the Chair of the NA Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment Varazdat Karapetyan met with them.

The MPs answered to the students' voiced questions.

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