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RA NA Delegation Sums up Works of Euronest PA Session
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At December 12 press conference the Head of the RA NA Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (PA) led by Gayane Abrahamyan, the Delegation members Koryun Mkrtchyan, Sargis Khandanyan, Narek Mkrtchyan, Mikayel Zolyan and Taron Simonyan talked about the works of the Eighth Session of the Euronest PA held in Tbilisi On December 7-10.

The Head of the delegation considered the fact that in her speech at the opening of the Euronest PA Plenary Session by her proposal all the delegates honoured the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and other peoples’ genocides, except one member from the Azerbaijani Delegation.

Gayane Abrahamyan has assessed effective the works of the Delegation which, according to her, is a result of the teamwork. All 13 recommendations presented by the Armenian Delegation on four resolutions adopted by the four Committees functioning in the Euronest PA were accepted.

In the Resolution on education the recommendation of the Armenian side on the exclusion of the xenophobia campaign in the partner countries was included. The adoption of the recommendation submitted by the Azerbaijani side on shutting down the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was suspended due to the active work done. The position of the Armenian side that the functioning NPP will not be shut down until the new one is built has been stressed.

At the Committee on Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy presented eight recommendations were accepted.

According to the NA deputy, in one of the adopted resolutions it has been affirmed that Armenia has registered serious progress in the works of the RA-EU Agreement Road Map and in the development of democracy and the fight against systemized corruption. “The fact we represent a parliament through legitimate way was important,” Gayane Abrahamyan said.

At the Meeting of the Organization Bureau due to the contributed efforts it has been succeeded to reach to a point that the European structure will not observe Armenia with Azerbaijan on the same plane. It has been established that our country will have a seprate status, and it has been underlined that Armenia is the country that provided the greatest growth in the democratisation process in Europe.

The Member of the Delegation Taron Simonyan talked about the recommendations submitted at the Euronest PA Committee on Economic Integration, Legal Approximation and Convergence with EU Policies. At the Committee Meeting he opposed the claim by the Azerbaijani delegate that the Artsakh side does not release the two Azerbaijani arrested citizens. The MP has clarified that they were sentenced for the committed crimes, and they are not considered war prisoners. He also informed that in 2020 all the Euronest PA Committees would convene meetings in Yerevan.

It has also been noted that the success registered by the delegation is also conditioned by the unprecedented positive developments happened and going on in our country after the Velvet revolution.

The speakers answered to the journalists’ questions.

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