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Works of OSCE PA Winter Meeting Summed Up
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On February 21-22, the RA NA Delegation to the OSCE PA led by Hayk Konjoryan took part in the works of the PA Winter Meeting in Vienna.

At February 25 press conference, the members of the RA NA Delegation to the OSCE PA, My Step Faction Hayk Konjoryan, Hamazasp Danielyan, Maria Karapetyan and the deputy of the Bright Armenia Faction Ani Samsonyan touched upon the works done.

By the presentation of the Head of the Delegation, the OSCE PA President George Tsereteli in his opening remarks referred to his visit to Armenia, emphasized the meetings and the discussions with the heads of the country in the context of Armenia and OSCE PA further cooperation.

The Delegation actively took part in all discussions of the Committees, presented information about the reforms going on in Armenia and the steps taken towards democratization to his international colleagues.

According to Hayk Konjoryan, in their public speeches, private talks his OSCE PA colleagues reaffirmed their support to the ongoing democratization processes in Armenia.

In the discussions, among a number of items, the participants also talked about Karabakh conflict. The Armenian Delegation touched upon the elections being expected in Artsakh Republic in the near future and the democratization processes, once again reaffirming that the democracy is irreversible in Artsakh.

Maria Karapetyan noted that on 11-12 June 2020 with the cooperation of the RA NA and OSCE organizations a Conference will be held in Armenia. The RA National Assembly will host the MPs of different countries for discussion of parliamentary ethics items and for exchange of world best experience.

Hamazasp Danielyan stated that the OSCE PA, the OSCE/ODIHR and PACE carried out joint Observation Mission during the snap parliamentary elections held in the Republic of Azerbaijan in February. The assessment of the elections was rather controversial. A Ukrainian official representing the OSCE PA Observation Mission in his statement text in certain aspect conditioned the fact of the quality of the elections in Azerbaijan negative and controversial by the non-regulated conflict of Nagonro Karabakh. By his right of extraordinary speech Hamazasp Danielyan called on the official to continue remaining within the frameworks of his observation mandate and not to try giving political assessments.

In February one year of the activities of the RA NA OSCE PA Delegation turned. According to Hayk Konjoryan, one year was both cognitive and full of challenges. He has underlined that the democratization processes in Armenia serve as a trump card of the Armenian Delegation before the international community.

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