Problems of Military Service Organization and Military-Technical Cooperation Debated
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On March 23, the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security moderated by Andranik Kocharyan convened a regular sitting. The draft law on Making Addenda to the Law on Military Service and Serviceman’s Status authored by the NA deputy Armen Pambukhchyan was debated in the first reading.

In the context of the serviceman’s trauma, Andranik Kocharyan highlighted the adoption of the draft law, opining that the item of the amendment of the terms can be debated. The Committee Chair proposed the author to postpone the debate of the bill.

Underlining that the Government is in principle not against such legal regulation the RA Deputy Minister of Defense Tigran Balayan proposed to postpone the debate of the item for 2 months.

The draft law on Ratifying the Fourth Protocol on Amending the Agreement on Main Principles of Military-Technical Cooperation between the Participant States of the Treaty on Collective Security of 15 May 1992. The protocol was signed on 30 November 2017 in Minsk. The RA Deputy of Defense presented the draft law.

The Committee indorsed the debated item.

The draft law authored by the Government on Making Amendment and Addendum to the RA Law on Compensation of the Damages Caused to the Serviceman’s Life or Health during the RA Defense was debated in the second reading and endorsed.

Regular Sitting of RA NA Council Held
On March 23, the sitting of the RA NA Council, presided over by the Speaker of Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan, was held.The draft laws on Making Addenda on the agenda of the fourth session of the seventh convocation of the National Assembly and the agenda of the regular sittings to be convened on March ...

Parliament Ends Work of Extraordinary Sitting
On March 23, the National Assembly continued the work of the extraordinary sitting convened on March 20, where by the presentation of the RA Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan, the package of bills on Making Addenda to the RA Criminal Code and on Making Addenda to the RA Code on Administrative Offe...

At Sitting of Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs
On March 23, the RA NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs moderated by Vladimir Vardanyan continued the sitting held on March 20. The key speaker Rustam Badasyan presented in the second reading the final version of the draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Constitutional Law t...

Legislative Initiative Regulating Activity of NGOs Debated
On March 23, the RA NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs debated in the second reading the draft law on Amending the RA Law on NGOs authored by the Government.The key speaker, the Deputy Chairman of the RA State Revenue Committee Edvard Hovhannisyan presented reason...