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Visit of Parliamentarians of France to RA National Assembly
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On October 25, the Vice President of the RA National Assembly Lena Nazaryan, the Head of Armenia-France Friendship Group Vladimir Vardanyan and the representatives of the NA factions met with the Parliamentary Delegation of France. About 20 members of the Delegation will have a number of meetings in the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic on October 25-27.

The members of the Delegation of the National Assembly of the Republic of France “La République en Marche,” (The Republic Forward), “Mouvement démocrate” (Democratic Movement), Les Républicains (The Republicans), “Socialiste, Ecologiste et Républicain” (Socialists, Ecologists and Republicans), Union des Démocrates et Indépendants (Union of Democrats and Independents), UMP/Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (Union for a Popular Movement) are deputies of the functioning and former political factions.

Welcoming the deputies of the Parliament of France in the RA National Assembly, the RA NA Vice President Lena Nazaryan thanked them for being next to the Armenians in this difficult moment and for their courage of calling a spade a spade and defending the all-human values.

The Vice President of the Parliament has presented details about the situation created as a consequence of the military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh, noting that the ongoing processes against the Armenian population is conditioned by their identity.

Lena Nazaryan underlined that Azerbaijan also targeted the civilians, using banned weapons, as well as showed atrocities and inhuman attitude towards the Armenian prisoners of war (POWs).

“We don’t fight for the territory, but for our existence, against which Azerbaijan has come out, its military and political supporter Turkey as well, which has brought to the region mercenaries from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya. Today, now than ever, the right to life of the population of the Artsakh Republic and the security demands the urgent and distinct steps of the international community. We say that we are ready for concessions, if the right to self-determination of the Armenians of Artsakh is accepted through the recognition of the Artsakh Republic. Without wishing to discuss this issue, Azerbaijan has failed the negotiations, immersing us into war. The international community should not simply be satisfied with the calls: they are powerless to stop the barbarism that our adversary commits. The Republic of Artsakh should be recognized for saving the Armenians. We cannot let 1915 be repeated,” the Vice President of the Parliament concluded.

The member of the Delegation Guillaume Kasbarian, who is from “The Republic Forward” faction, has noted that the visit of the Delegation with this unprecedented quantity of members is conditioned by the Armenian-French unique deep ties and undoubted wish of support to the Armenian people. The French deputy of Armenian descent has noted that, they want to get familiarized with the situation on the spot to distinctly show in France and in Europe what is really going on in Armenia and in Artsakh, as well as clearly present the aggressor, which has crossed the red line and violates the people’s elementary rights.

Touching upon the problem of the Artsakh Republic recognition, Guillaume Kasbarian informed that that part of the deputies had already signed the draft statement on the recognition of Artsakh, but according to him, its discussion was not an issue of days, taking into consideration too many items on the parliament agenda. The deputies considered necessary stopping the war, getting interested from the Armenian counterparts with the solutions that were necessary to get out of this “bloody bath” and saving the people of Armenia and Artsakh. “We are here with all sincerity and support,” Guillaume Kasbarian particularly stressed.

In their remarks the RA NA deputies considered as a priority the necessity of the ceasefire and drew the guests’ attention to the violation of the announced humanitarian ceasefires and the fact of continuing the military actions by Azerbaijan. It was noted that it would be possible to turn to negotiations only after the ceasefire. “It is not possible to negotiate, when the people are deprived of their right to live,” they particularly said.

The Armenian parliamentarians have called on their counterparts of France, as deputies of the parliament OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair country, to be forerunners and prevent the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression, as well as recognize the right of the Artsakh people’s self-determination, considering that it has no alternative.

The deputies arrived from France considered inadmissible the use of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) against the people of Artsakh, as well as they were interested in the fact if the international recognition of the independence of Artsakh would result in more deterioration of the situation. Regarding this the Armenian parliamentarians underscored that after the recognition of Artsakh and the specification of its status the situation would essentially improve, and the right to life of the Artsakh residents would be guaranteed.

The Armenian side has clarified that the problem of Artsakh is an issue of the right to life, but not of territory, and today it is a vital priority to take practical steps for stopping the war and the enemy’s atrocities. “The calls are useless to stop these barbarous acts,” the RA NA Vice President Lena Nazaryan stressed, taking into consideration the atrocities committed against the Armenian prisoners of war and the civilians.

A question was voiced on the possibility of the settlement of the problem within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

The RA NA deputies have stated that an attempt is made to change the member countries of this Group through this Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression, which the Armenian party considers absolutely unacceptable.

“The terrorists’ tool and goal is to frighten all of us. If we are not frightened from the terrorists, then they simply stretch their hands. Today we deal with the terrorists, and today here nobody is afraid of the terrorists. And therefore, we will go to Artsakh, we will stay in Artsakh, we will live in Artsakh. And in this issue, we don’t see any alternative,” the Head of Armenia-France Friendship Group Vladimir Vardanyan concluded the meeting.

Parliamentary Delegation of France Visits Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex
The Parliamentary Delegation of France being in Armenia from October 24, visited Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex on October 25.The guests laid flowers at the eternal fire immortalizing the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims and honoured in silence the memory of Holy Martyrs. ...

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