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Lena Nazaryan Receives Chairperson of Women’s Dialogue All-Russian Political Party
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On October 27-29, at the invitation of the RA NA deputy Anush Begloian the Chairperson of Women’s Dialogue All-Russian Political Party Yelena Semerikova, who was received by the RA NA Vice President Lena Nazaryan.

The NA deputies Anush Begloian, Vladimir Vardanyan and Nazeli Baghdasaryan also took part in the meeting.

Welcoming the guest’s visit to Armenia, the RA NA Vice President Lena Nazaryan that it takes place in non-peaceful, but also in war situation. Presenting the created situation, Lena Nazaryan has documented that it has already been one month that Azerbaijan and Turkey have immersed into war.

“Azerbaijan has begun the war with the political and military support of Turkey. They have taken to the battlefield the mercenaries from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan perhaps for not having inner problems with the victims in their countries,” the NA Deputy Speaker said.

Lena Nazaryan has underscored that the NK issue is not a territorial problem for us, but an issue of human rights. According to her, Artsakh problem has emerged because of incapability of Azerbaijan to ensure the minimum rights of the Armenians residing in Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region. The NA Deputy Speaker has expressed conviction that during 30 years it has become clear that the Armenians and Azerbaijanis cannot live together under the leadership of Azerbaijan. “That is a direct threat to the Armenians’ life and security. We have said that we are ready for compromises, we are ready to solve the issue through negotiations. We have said that until now,” Lena Nazaryan documented.

As one of the ways of the problem solution, the NA Vice President indicated the international recognition of the right to the Armenians’ self-determination in the independent republic. To her conviction, the Armenians cannot live under the leadership of Azerbaijan, it will be a new genocide, the repetition of our history. Azerbaijan is against compromises, peace and negotiations. In this context Lena Nazaryan highlighted the role of the international community.

“The fact that Azerbaijan ignores the agreements, discredits Russia, France and the U.S., shall not remain unnoticed. People see that democratic superpowers are not able to influence the countries, which function with terrorist methods. If the world changes, this war shows that it becomes worse, more dangerous and more unpredictable. If the super powers cannot defend the small democracy, it undermines the people’s faith towards democracy and human rights. And in its turn will result in new wars, genocide and human sufferings. People will have good life irrespective of their nationality and place of living,” the NA Deputy Speaker said.

Yelena Semerikova thanked Lena Nazaryan for the invitation, informing that during the international expertise consultation on October 13 the women’s cooperation at different levels in the created hard situation was discussed and highlighted in the framework of the theme “The Welfare and Social Justice as Sustainable Development Factors” with the participation of the women of Russia, Armenia, Artsakh, Azerbaijan and other countries. She has documented that large-scale war goes on in Nagorno Karabakh, which in the 21st century shall be inadmissible and has emphasized the implementation of the practical steps for its stopping. According to Yelena Semerikova, for a mother of any nationality and faith there is no bad thing.

She has informed that jointly with the CIS women she has created the Women’s Dialogue international peacekeeping movement and the expects Lena Nazaryan’s support in opening that movement structure.

Yelena Semerikova asked Lena Nazaryan to convey the Icon of the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker to the RA Prime Minister, which has been blessed and anointed in Moscow Saint Nicholas Wonderworker Church before her visit to Yerevan. She expressed conviction that the icon will bring peace to the Armenian people.

Vladimir Vardanyan has opined that the war is only a veil, under which an attempt is made to make reality the genocide of the Armenian population.

In their words, the MPs stressed that the anti-Armenian propaganda is carried out in the society of Azerbaijan. They attached importance to the NK conflict settlement exclusively through negotiations.

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