In Moscow Chair of RA NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Vladimir Vardanyan Touches Upon Importance of Observation Missions
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The RA NA deputies left for Moscow to carry out the observation mission in the elections of the RF FA State Duma.

The Member of the IPA CIS Observation Mission, the Chair of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Vladimir Vardanyan touched upon the goals of the observation mission in his talk with the Russian press.

“The observation mission towards the elections will be effective and will promote the further strengthening of democracy and the deepening of transparency for the electoral process of the Russian Federation. Taking into consideration the necessity of strengthening the international contacts in the electoral processes, the implementation of the observation mission in electoral different processes is important,” Vladimir Vardanyan stressed.

The NA deputy has underlined that the inter-parliamentary cooperation contributes to the strengthening of the democratic processes in that direction. “And the investing experience on holding the three-day elections of Russia can serve as a good example for other countries, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps, such example can be turned into a new standard,” he said.

According to the Committee Chair, in the pandemic conditions we should stem from the constitutional values which is necessary to defend.

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