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Speech by RA NA President Alen Simonyan at Global Armenian Summit
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Distinguished Mr Prime Minister,

Dear President of Artsakh,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I greet you and congratulate all of us after 5 years of interval in the Motherland for meeting again in this format.

The Global Armenian Summit in accordance with its sonorous name should be able to unite, to bring together in one place the Armenian thought, force and unity spread all over the world. This platform is a good occasion for recognizing each other, creating new bridges, refreshing the existing relations, which should be fully used. Here are gathered people, who with the example of their own families preserved and preserve their Armenian identity in foreign countries, speak Armenian with their children and grandchildren.

Perhaps there is no man here, in the most visible corner of the whose house there is no evidence documenting the fact of being Armenian as a painting, souvenir or similar other proof. Especially in foreign countries great nostalgia towards the homeland awakens and from the far distance it seems not only sweet but also blessed.

In this difficult and hard days for the homeland such meetings are more than obliging. The plagued war, the anxiety on the border, the daily fears of the Artsakh Armenians and the unsolved many problems are for everybody. In this case we’ll put aside the citizenship, and the nationality will be of priority, so it will be possible to overcome the ordeals which will be called in one word evil.

Dear sisters and brothers, in parallel with the emotional approach, for those outside the homeland it is often depicted with deliberately concentrated colours, especially when in the information century there is no lack of those presenting the phenomena not in a right way.

Their worries, interpellations mainly rotate around the inherent intolerance, security issues and the delay of final peace. Unfortunately, our meetings document that as the internet reduces and makes insignificant Motherland-Diaspora distance, so it can damage with incredible fake news. In any event I can assure that the Diaspora preserves its sober thought and makes right judgments.

I thank the spiritual fathers, the teachers of the Armenian educational centers, benefactors, who are able to make their children love the Motherland yet not seen, I am thankful to all heartbroken Armenians, who in every episode disturbing the Motherland, are present without hesitating.

I wish everybody effective work.

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