Representatives of Project Children of Shanghai Hosted in Parliament
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On January 25, the members of the RA NA Standing Committee on Labor and Social Affairs met with the representatives of the Project Children of Shanghai, including the Founder of Care for Children NGO Robert Glover and the Royal Highness Prince Michael’s Equerry Nicholas Chance, who arrived in Armenia by the invitation of the RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Welcoming the guests, the Committee Chair Heriknaz Tigranyan noted: “I greatly highlight the development of the Foster Care Institute in Armenia, as the children’s upbringing and care in the family environment has no alternative, and we should direct the continuous efforts to prevent the children’s entry into the institutions.” The Committee Chair touched upon the work being done on the development of that Institute in our country.

The representatives of the Project Children of Shanghai gave details on the succeeded experience of the organization of the of the children’s care in the foster families of China.

According to the representatives of the Project Children of Shanghai, the children feel themselves better, when they grow up in a family, at least – foster one, as the physical contact of the child with the parents is irreplaceable.

The guests mentioned the film The Children of Shanghai on their succeeded experience of the development of the Foster Care Institute will be screened in Yerevan, on the basis of the history of its creation is the story of about one million Chinese children, left without parent’s care, who live in the foster families.

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