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Debate of Draft Postponed Up to Two Months: A Number of Observations and Amendments of Legal Character Presented
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The Government emphasizes the complete contribution and use of the infrastructure system of the quality. The RA Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan said about that at the sitting of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs on February 1, presenting the package of the draft laws on Making Amendments and Addenda to the law on Accreditation and on Amending the RA Code on Administrative Offences.

According to Vahan Kerobyan, the law in force does not correspond with the standards of the European Union. Two years ago, experts of the European Union were involved to completely study the legislative regulations of the accreditation. Large scale amendments were proposed in order the accreditation system would become reliable for the European and EAEU counterparts.

The necessity of the adoption of the package of draft laws is conditioned by the membership to the European and International Accreditations Organization, as well as by the certain differences, changes existing in the contracts of joining the EAEU.

The aim is to continuous use of the accreditation process and the integration to the systems of the EAEU and the international accreditation, including the signing of the multilateral and bilateral agreements of mutual; recognition of the accreditation results, which will remove the trade obstacles, providing the free move of the goods and will promote the development of economy.

As Vahan Kerobyan presented, a number of notions were specified and set.

The re-accreditation process will be facilitated with the proposing regulations, promoting the decrease of time, as well as the financial means.

It is proposed by the draft law to reserve a right to the Accreditation Committee to make a decision on keeping the accreditation, if as a result of the regular and extraordinary assessment the accreditation is preserved.

The terms of the accreditation of the Accreditation assessment bodies were set: 4 years is edeigned for accreditation and re-accreditation.

Vahan Kerobyan added that the relevant experts of the National Assembly did a huge work on removing the omissions and shortcomings, and the Government accepted all considerations.

The Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Babken TUnyan informed that the day before a discussion was held on the package of the draft laws: some sustentative and legal issues are available.

The Division of State and Legal Expertise of the NA Expertise and Analytical Department presented a number of proposals on the legislative initiative. Babjken Tunyan added a number of considerations and amendments of legal character were presented by the experts and proposed to postpone the draft up to two months.

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