Ara Babloyan Takes Part in Opening of 15th International Conference of Armenian EyeCare Project
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On July 24, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan took part in the opening of the 15th International Conference of the Armenian EyeCare Project, which is dedicated to Ophthalmology and Neonatology.

Specialists from the USA, Europe, the CIS Countries, Caucasus Region, Central Asia and Middle East take part in the Conference.

Highly assessing the Conference, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan noted in his speech: “This project with its history is of almost the same age of independence of our country. Being created about a quarter century before, it provides high quality ophthalmological service to our population: turning from mere health care program into a social one.”

Within the framework of the program the high qualified specialists successfully implement necessary medical service of the people with eye sight problems, including the eye mobile hospital, paying special attention to the socially needy people.

The Head of the parliament highlighted the activities of the Armenian EyeCare Project, as a result of which the population is provided with free high quality of ophthalmological services, and relevant treatment is given to the newly born babies’ retinopathy of prematurity. Ara Babloyan highly appreciated the activities of the founder of the initiative, American-Armenian ophthalmologist Roger Ohanesian, as well as the serious contribution of the Armenian ophthalmologists’ team to the project led by Professor Alexander Malayan.

Thanking Roger Ohanesian the RA NA President Ara Babloyan noted: “The power of your program was that you did not concentrate your ophthalmological program in Malayan Center, you could implement it through all over Armenia. We see the results of that program, the development of new centers, the continuous growth and investment of new approaches. I especially thank you and all your colleagues.”

The Head of the parliament wished the participants of the Conference effective work and constructive dialogue.

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