Ara Babloyan Receives Majed El Shafie
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On Agust 29, the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan received the delegation led by the Head of One Free World International (IFWI) NGO Majed El Shafie.

Ara Babloyan thanked the Head of the delegation and the Canadian MPs for their decision to visit Artsakh, noting that there they will get unbiased information both about Artsakh and NK conflict.

The RA NA Speaker highly assessed the fact of recognizing the Armenian Genocide by the legislative and executive bodies of Canada, stating that today the authorities of Turkey, continuing to deny that fact, show the same approaches, as they did 102 days ago. Bringing the example of the fact of reconciliation of Germany and Israel, the RA NA Speaker has noted that the burden of dishonesty still becomes heavy for official Turkey, and unlike the previous years, today Turkey has regress in terms of protection of human rights.

The RA NA Speaker has highlighted the foreign policy pursued by Canada, which gives an opportunity to fully manifest themselves the people belonging to different nations and faiths. In Ara Babloyan's word, the human rights are the highest value irrespective of nationality and faith: we should respect the right of religious belonging and choosing it.

Ara Babloyan noted: “I am glad that you are going to visit Artsakh. There you will get acquainted with peaceful and freedom-aspiring people and you will be convinced that you are on the right path, protecting the right of Artsakh people’s free living.”

In the RA NA Speaker’s word, the Artsakh people, unlike the Azerbaijani people, only defend the right of peaceful living in their houses.

Underlining the role of the parliamentary diplomacy in developing the bilateral relations, Ara Babloyan highlighted the activities of the Friendship Groups functioning in the parliaments of Armenia and Canada, noting that our country is concerned with developing the cooperation in all possible spheres.

Majed El Shafie thanked the NA Speaker for the reception, presenting the members of the delegation and the goal of the visit. The Head of One Free World NGO noted that last year witnessing the military actions applied towards Artsakh by Azerbaijan, where the military, as well as the civilians had fallen victims and the implementation of the war crimes, created fact-finding group, which will collect information and present to the public.

According to the Head of the NGO, the NK conflict by Azerbaijan is presented as a religious but not a political conflict: such approach, certainly, is not in favour of Azerbaijan.

At the end of the meeting Ara Babloyan has noted that the Armenian people adhering to Christianity through centuries today is on the path of living and creating in peace: the guests will be convinced in that in Artsakh.

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