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RA National Assembly President Ara Babloyan’s Congratulatory Address on Knowledge Day
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“Dear schoolchildren, students and pedagogues, I congratulate you on Knowledge Day and the launch of the new educational year.

My special congratulations and wishes to the pupils, students and pedagogues, who enter into their educational institutional centres for the first time, in whose life the first year of education and pedagogical activities start.

Mentally and physically healthy, educated, clever and free citizen is the pledge of the state’s welfare and freedom. And the qualified education is one of the most important priorities of our state and society. It is our strategic resource, which we should continuously develop.

All children want to recognize the world, have friends, get education, learn handicraft or be engaged with art and science. We should give an equal opportunity to all children, at the same time strengthening in them the thought that one can reach a result with the harmony of dignity, freedom and responsibility.

Dear schoolchildren and students! Appreciate your time, the opportunity given to you, the efforts made by your teachers and lecturers, multiply your knowledge, develop your thought, soul and body, and be worthy sons of your parents, your family and Motherland.

I wish you to have the school and the higher educational institution in all your lives not only the place, where the one who receives knowledge and passes it meet, but a place of sincere friendship, self-revelation and self-manifestation.

I wish you health, success and all the best.”

At Sittings of RA NA Standing Committees
At September 1 sitting moderated by the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations debated a number of agenda items of the upcoming session and next sittings.The RA Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan, the RA Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investments Garegin...

Ara Babloyan Receives Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq
On September 1, the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan received the members of the delegation led by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa. Ara Babloyan welcomed the Minister and the members of the delegation in parliament and expressed hope that the visit of the...

RA NA President Visits Basic School N 76 on Knowledge Day
On September 1, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan visited Yerevan Argentine Republic Basic School N 76.Ara Babloyan congratulated the teachers and the pupils on the occasion of Knowledge Day and the launch of the new educational year and noted with pride that he is also a school-leaver of the School ...

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