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Ara Babloyan Receives Ambassador of Germany to RA
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On September 7, the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to the RA Bernhard Matthias Kiesler .

Welcoming the Ambassador in the RA National Assembly, Ara Babloyan has documented with satisfaction that Armenia-Germany relations are year by year strengthened and more deepened.

The RA NA Speaker thanked the Government of Germany for supporting Armenia through many years and implementing numerous effective programmes in our country.

The RA NA Speaker expressed his gratitude for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Bundestag and the adoption of the Resolution condemning it, highly assessing the steps taken by Germany on the important issues for Armenia.

The RA NA Speaker has noted that as a country that has passed into the parliamentary system of government, Armenia attentively observes the elections of the German Bundestag of parliamentary government experience.

Talking about the problems of the region, Ara Babloyan emphasized the reforms taking place in Armenia and noted: “The countries bearing the European values and not recognizing those values cannot be at the same level. And Armenia, unlike some neighbouring countries, has a serious progress in democracy issues: the absence of the political persecution in our country, the holding of the fair and transparency elections, the approaches of freedom of speech and protection of human rights testify to that.”

The RA NA Speaker highly assessed the Ambassador’s activities and expressed his gratitude to the first Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia, who several years ago greatly contributed to the development of the children’s haemotology in our country.

Bernhard Matthias Kiesler thanked the RA NA Speaker for the reception and assured him that he would continue promoting the development and further deepening of the ties of the friendly countries.

Mr Kiesler highlighted the cooperation with the RA National Assembly and especially underlined the joint work of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/ German Development Agency and the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, and its positive result is obvious.

Bernhard Matthias Kiesler expressed hope that the newly elected National Assembly will effectively cooperate with its German colleagues.

Touching upon the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Bundestag and adoption of the Resolution, the Ambassador stated: “By the adoption of that Resolution Bundestag made an important step, and I feel the Armenian people’s attitude towards that step.”

Speaking about the NK conflict, Bernhard Matthias Kiesler has stated that Germany rules out the military resolution of the conflict.

The Ambassador has presented Ara Babloyan his observations on the reforms taking place in Armenia and noted that the progress is evident, unlike the other post-Soviet countries. In the Ambassador’s word, the politicians in Armenia are ready to develop the country through reforms.

At the end of the meeting the interlocutors touched upon the issues of the formation of the parliamentary Friendship Groups and enlivening of the activities.

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