426 Letters Received
The General Division of the RA NA Secretariat issued the statistic data of the letters addressed to the RA National Assembly during 2018 fourth quarter. The citizens’ 57 letters have been accepted, registered and delivered to the RA National Assembly President Ara Babloyan. 26 letters have been deli...

Without the people working in the parliament for years, without the team that came with me, as well as the MPs – the progress would have been impossible: Ara Saghatelyan
The Chief of Staff-Secretary General of the National Assembly of Armenia Ara Saghatelyan sat down for interview with following the New Year reception for the representatives of media community in the parliament today.Mr Saghatelyan, you have submitted your letter of resignation. Why have you...

Ara Babloyan Hosts Journalists Accredited in Parliament
On January 11, on the occasion of the New Year and Holy Nativity the RA NA President Ara Babloyan hosted the representatives of media accredited in the legislative body.The RA NA President congratulated the journalists on the New Year and Holy Nativity, wished them health, peace and new professional...