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NA President’s Condolence Letter on Death of President of Carnegie Corporation, Co-Founder of Aurora Initiative Vartan Gregorian
I learnt with deep grief on passing away of the President of Carnegie Corporation, the Co-Founder of Aurora Initiative Vartan Gregorian. As he has des...

NA President’s Condolence Message on Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan’s Death
“I learned with deep sorrow about the death of Commandos, Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan. The Commander’s name has been written with golden letters on the page...

Ararat Mirzoyan Has a Telephone Talk with Valentina Matviyenko
The Speaker of the RA National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan had a telephone talk with the Speaker of the Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly Val...

RA NA President Ararat Mirzoyan’s Address on Army Day
“29 years ago, in the gravest period for our newly independent state, a basis was laid for the Armenian regular armed forces, which became the spine o...

RA NA President’s Address on 31st Anniversary of Baku Anti-Armenian Pogroms
In January 1990, the Armenian population in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku has been subjected to systematic and mass pogroms. The massacres in Kirovab...

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