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"Civil Contract" Faction
Founded 02.08.2021
Contains 71 deputies
Phone (374-11) 513 281
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Party
Konjoryan Hayk
012 "Civil Contract"
Hovhannisyan Artur
052 "Civil Contract"
Aghajanyan Eduard
014 "Civil Contract"
Aghazaryan Hovik
054 "Civil Contract"
Aleksanyan Vahagn
060 "Civil Contract"
Arsenyan Gurgen
008 "United Labour" Party /ULP/
Arshakyan Hakob
010 "Civil Contract"
Arushanyan David
020 "Civil Contract"
Aslanyan Hakob
057 "Civil Contract"
Babayan Narek
055 "Civil Contract"
Badalyan Lusine
041 "Civil Contract"
Bagratyan Sergey
037 non-Party
Bakoyan Rustam
069 "Civil Contract"
Batoyan Zaruhi
026 "Civil Contract"
Danielyan Davit
063 "Civil Contract"
Davoyan Arpine
004 "Civil Contract"
Gabrielyan Sisak
031 "Civil Contract"
Gabrielyan Vilen
029 "Civil Contract"
Galstyan Meri
030 non-Party
Gasparyan Tatevik
033 "Civil Contract"
Ghahramanyan Narek
062 "Civil Contract"
Ghalumyan Vahe
042 "Civil Contract"
Ghazaryan Alkhas
047 "Civil Contract"
Ghazaryan Marina
050 "Civil Contract"
Ghazaryan Sona
025 "Civil Contract"
Ghazaryan Taguhi
038 "Civil Contract"
Grigoryan Hripsime
022 "Civil Contract"
Grigoryan Narek
059 "Civil Contract"
Hakobyan Edgar
043 "Civil Contract"
Hakobyan Hasmik
061 "Civil Contract"
Hakobyan Hrachya
039 "Civil Contract"
Hakobyan Vagharshak
034 "Civil Contract"
Hambardzumyan Karen
028 "Civil Contract"
Hasanov Knyaz
071 non-Party
Hunanyan Hripsime
067 "Civil Contract"
Julhakyan Arusyak
013 "Civil Contract"
Karapetyan Davit
021 "Civil Contract"
Karapetyan Maria
016 "Civil Contract"
Khachatryan Armen
032 "Civil Contract"
Khandanyan Sargis
066 "Civil Contract"
Kirakosyan Lilit
045 "Civil Contract"
Kloyan Anush
023 "Civil Contract"
Kocharyan Andranik
015 "Civil Contract"
Manavazyan Arusyak
036 "Civil Contract"
Melkonyan Gurgen
009 non-Party
Minasyan Lilit
058 "Civil Contract"
Mkrtchyan Aren
049 "Civil Contract"
Nazaryan Lena
002 "Civil Contract"
Palyan Emma
056 "Civil Contract"
Parsilyan Tigran
040 "Civil Contract"
Poghosyan Kristine
044 "Civil Contract"
Poghosyan Mariam
064 "Civil Contract"
Rubinyan Ruben
007 "Civil Contract"
Sandikov Aleksey
070 non-Party
Sargsyan Hayk
035 "Civil Contract"
Sargsyan Trdat
048 "Civil Contract"
Sarukhanyan Karen
065 "Civil Contract"
Simonyan Alen
003 "Civil Contract"
Stepanyan Lilit
027 "Civil Contract"
Sukiasyan Khachatur
001 non-Party
Tigranyan Heriknaz
011 "Civil Contract"
Torosyan Arsen
005 "Civil Contract"
Torosyan Shirak
018 non-Party
Tsirunyan Hayk
068 "Civil Contract"
Tumasyan Mikayel
006 "Civil Contract"
Tunyan Babken
017 "Civil Contract"
Vardanyan Tsovinar
019 "Civil Contract"
Vardanyan Vladimir
024 "Civil Contract"
Yeghiazaryan Gayane
053 "Civil Contract"
Yeghoyan Arman
046 "Civil Contract"
Zeynalyan Narek
051 "Civil Contract"

"Armenia" Faction
Founded 02.08.2021
Contains 29 deputies
Phone (374-11) 513 205
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Party
Ohanyan Seyran
078 non-Party
Minasyan Artsvik
080 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Avetisyan Tadevos
095 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Danielyan Garnik
087 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Galstyan Lilit
076 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Gasparyan Irina
091 non-Party
Gevorgyan Argishti
081 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Gevorgyan Armen
075 non-Party
Ghazaryan Arman
088 non-Party
Grigoryan Anna
073 "Reborn Armenia"
Khachatryan Artur
097 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Khamoyan Agnesa
085 non-Party
Kocharyan Levon
090 non-Party
Krpeyan Aspram
092 non-Party
Kyureghyan Armenuhi
093 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Manukyan Aregnaz
098 non-Party
Manukyan Gegham
083 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Melkonyan Mher
086 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Mirzoeva Zemfira
100 non-Party
Nazaryan Gegham
099 non-Party
Rustamyan Armen
077 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Saghatelyan Ishkhan
072 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Sahakyan Mher
094 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Sargsyan Artur
096 "Reborn Armenia"
Simonyan Ashot
089 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Vardanyan Aghvan
084 non-Party
Vardanyan Arpine
074 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/
Vardanyan Elinar
079 non-Party
Vardanyan Kristine
082 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/

"With Honor" Faction
Founded 02.08.2021
Contains 6 deputies
Phone (374-11) 513 423
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Party
Mamijanyan Hayk
105 "Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Abrahamyan Tigran
107 "Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Grigoryan Martun
101 non-Party
Margaryan Taron
102 "Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Mkrtchyan Anna
103 "Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Tovmasyan Taguhi
106 non-Party

Members of Parliament not included in any faction
Founded 18.05.2016
Contains 1 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Party
Zakaryan Ishkhan
104 "Homeland"