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Within the scope of authority defined by the Constitution, the National Assembly shall adopt laws, decisions, addresses and announcements. ("Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly" RA Law, Article 1.3)
Alphabetic Listing


Agricultural Census   
Agricultural Credit Clubs   
Anthem of the Republic of Armenia   
Apartment Building Management   
Approval of List of Goods Imported by Organizations and Private Entrepreneurs, that have '0' Customs Duty Rate and are not Subject to Excise Taxation and for which Value Added Tax shall not be Calculated and Collected by Customs Authorities   
Archives Business   
Armenian Declaration of Independence   
Asset Securitization and Asset Backed Securities   
Attraction of Bank Deposits   
Audit Activity   

Bank Bankruptcy   
Banking Secrecy   
Banks and Banking   
Budgetary System of the Republic of Armenia   

Constitution of the Republic of Armenia   
Constitution of the Republic of Armenia (with amendments)   
Central Bank of Armenia   
Circulation of Credit Information and Activities of Credit Bureaus   
Citizens Who Failed to Complete Compulsory Military Service Through Violation of the Established Procedure   
Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia   
Civil Code   
Civil Defence Troops   
Civil Defense   
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia   
Compulsory Enforcement of Court Decrees   
Consumer Credit   
Covered Mortgage Bonds   
Credit Organizations   
Criminal Code   
Criminal Procedure Code   
Currency Regulation and Currency Control   
Customs Code   

Dissemination of Mass Information   

Electronic document and electronic signature   
Energy Law   
Energy Saving and Renewable Energy   
Establishment of a Unified Financial Regulation and Supervision Framework   
Excise Tax   

Family Code of the Republic of Armenia   
Financial System Mediator   
Fire security   
Flag of the Republic of Armenia   
Foreign Investments   
Freedom of Conscience and on Religious Organizations   
Freedom of Information   
Funded Pensions   
Funds Transfer by Payment Order   

Guarantee of Remuneration of Bank Deposits of Physical Entities   

Identification cards   
Income Tax   
Individual Entrepreneur   
Insurance and Insurance Activities   
Investment Funds   

Joint Stock Companies   

Land Tax   
Land Tax Privileges   
Legal and Socio-Economic Guarantees for the Persons who had been Forcibly Displaced from the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1988 -1992 and have Acquired the Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia   
Legal Protection of a Topographies of Integrated Circuits   
Limited Liability Companies   
Local Self-Government   

Narcotic Drags and Psychotropic Substances   
Non-Commercial State Organizations   

On the 30 Anniversary of Sumgait Pogrom   
On the Armenian Genocide Centennial   
On the Transfer by the Hungarian Authorities to Azerbaijan of the Criminal, who Killed the Armenian Officer During the NATO Seminar and on the Pardon Granted to Him by the President of Azerbaijan   
Organizing and Conducting Audits in the Republic of Armenia   

Pawnshops and Pawnbrokerage   
Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organizations   
Personified Record Keeping of Income Tax and Mandatory Funded Contributions   
Political Asylum   
Population Census   
Population Protection in Emergency Situations   
Postal Communication   
Privatizasion of State Property   
Privatization of Yerevan Distribution Closed Joint Stock Company, Northern Distribution Closed Joint Stock Company, Southern Distribution Closed Joint Stock Company and Central Distribution Closed Joint Stock Company   
Profit Tax   
Program (2001-2003) for State Property Privatization   
Property Tax   
Prorection of rights of consumers   
Protection of Domestic Market   
Protection of Economic Competition   
Protection of Selection Achivments   
Public auctions   
Putting the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia into effect   

Rules of procedure of the National Assembly   

Safe Utilisation of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes   
Securities Market   
Seismic Protection   
State Pensions   
State Registration of Legal Entities   
State registration of Rights to the Property   
State Statistics   
State Support For Innovation Activity   

Television and radio broadcasting   
Treasury System Law   
Treatment of Arrestees and Detainees   

Value Added Tax   

Water Code of the Republic of Armenia   

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