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Details of Works of PABSEC 51st Plenary Session Presented
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On June 19-21, in the capital of Albania Tirana the delegation led by the RA NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov took part in the works of the Fifty-First Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC).

At June 26 press conference the Armenian delegates informed that Armenia assumed the PA Presidency during the upcoming 6 months. In their speeches they expressed their views against the attempts of politicizing the PABSEC, highlighting to remain faithful  to the economic direction of the organisation.

Eduard Sharmazanov has emphasized the fact that irrespective of the independent inner-political disagreements and party approaches the members of the Armenian delegations have their state-oriented common position abroad.

Meetings were held with the heads of the delegations of Greece, Russia and Moldova to PABSEC.

The RA NA Vice President has especially emphasized the meeting with the President of the Albanian Parliament, during which he has distinctly underlined that the problem of Kosovo and the Nagorno Karabakh issue are different. The Head of the delegation has documented that the NK problem should be solved exclusively on the basis of three principles and Turkey has nothing to do in the settlement process. The NA Vice President presented the bellicose policy of Azerbaijan’s leadership and the deconstructive approach. He has underlined that Armenia is for establishing relations with the neighbours without preconditions.

“Armenia is a self-sovereign state and will not let anybody to speak with it in the language of blackmail and preconditions,” Eduard Sharmazanov said.

The Head of the RA NA delegation to PABSEC Gagik Minasyan has noted that during the period of Armenia’s presidency everything should be done in order the organisation remains faithful its economic orientation.

In his speech Gagik Minasyan touched upon the main peculiarities of the economic development in the member countries. Touching upon the blockade of Armenia by Turkey he noted that due to political motivations the blockade would not give any result, but would cause additional problems in the economic sphere. The Armenian delegate has documented that Armenia, being under blockade, nevertheless is able to have success as a result of the effective use of the inner resources.

“We should condemn the economic blockades, the closed borders which do not stem from the statutory manifestations of our organisation,” Gagik Minasyan said.

In his second speech the Head of the Armenian delegation talked about the cyber security problems.

Vahe Enfiajyan noted that the members of the delegation presented the interests of Armenia and Artsakh and the manifestations of the economic blockade policy in the region. In his speech the Armenian MP referred to the achievements of our country in the sphere of the digital technologies development.

In Gevorg Gorgisyan’s word, the organisation is a unique platform where through economic cooperation a dialogue can be, which later can promote the deepening of the political contacts. In his speech the MP talked about the steps being implemented in our country in the issue of the development of high technologies.

The PABSEC Fifty-Second Plenary Session will be held in Nvember in Yerevan.

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