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Speech by RA NA Vice President Arpine Hovhannisyan in PACE
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The RA NA Vice President, the Head of the RA NA delegation Arpine Hovhannisyan delivered a speech in PACE Session. The NA Vice President noted:

“My word directed to the Azerbaijani colleagues,

Remember what happened and is possible in Armenia, Azerbaijan is even impossible to imagine.

Dear Colleagues,

It has been one year that in this Assembly I am Head of Armenian Delegation and during this period none of my speeches has been dedicated to Azerbaijan. However, yesterday one of my Azerbaijani colleagues expressed an idea to which I could not but respond. Mrs Fataliyeva was presenting the elections in Azerbaijan so inspired and was making so much effort to enjoy her authorities’ praise that said the following - I quote: “It is not for the first time that we discuss the elections in Armenia, they were considered transparent and democratic, but after some time the Armenian people stood against the so-called ‘legitimate’ elections and mass demonstrations.” In reality, such behaviour by our Azerbaijani colleagues, and they always target Armenia for deviating the attention from their problems. Nevertheless, not responding the baseless voiced accusations is at minimum not honest towards my country. Indeed, Mrs Fataliyeva, the elections in Armenia were transparent and democratic in Armenia: such assessments have been given by all authoritative international organizations.

However, when it became clear that the political moods existing in country are different and do not correspond the people’s expectations, the former Prime Minister and the government resigned and handed the power. The peaceful and non-violent way of transferring the power speaks about the maturity of real democracy in Armenia, and it is the achievement of my country.

I understand that this phenomenon seems improbable for the ‘Aliyev’ perception of democracy. You will not understand me with your system of values. A question arises: Why should they praise you? I think that there is not much for praising. Everybody knows what’s going on in your country in terms of human rights and political freedoms. But you are a unique country not only that you are involved in different international scandals, but also that you succeeded to bring your ‘values’ even to this Assembly, succeeded to cast shadow and poison the system of values of this organization. These are not my assessments: these are already facts.

Honestly, I believe that there are people in Azerbaijan who are worried about the future of Azerbaijan. I address to those people: Do you really think that your democracy is safe and you have no problems?

If yes, then ‘all the best’ to you...

Remember that what happened and is possible in Armenia, is even impossible to imagine in Azerbaijan.

And finally, about the speculations always being voiced about Artsakh...

The actions of Armenia show that number one prior problem is the solution of Nagorno Karabkah problem through peaceful means. And I would ask you to explain to this Assembly why you again accumulate weapons and ammunition at the border during these days. Are you getting ready for war?

I would like to underline: don’t pin hope on our inner-political contradictions. We support our authorities in all issues directed to the national unity, security, identity, dignity, democracy and strengthening of rule of law.”

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