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Parliament Continues Debate of Report on Procedure and Results of the Government Programme Implementation
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On March 28, the RA National Assembly continued the work of the regular sittings.

The deputies addressed questions in the frameworks of the report on Procedure and Results of the Government Programme Implementation approved by the decision of the June N 581-A 2018 RA Government to the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, which related to the problems of mining, nature protection and water spheres, the import and export of the goods, the energy system, the necessity and simplification of adopting a new tax code, the realization of the agricultural products, the pig breeding and the possibility of the compensation of the damages caused by the farmers, the importance of the rise of the students’ fellowships, the Prime Minister’s meeting with Yerevan citizens of the realization zone.

Exchange of thoughts was held on the executive sheet of the programme, where the MPs Mikayel Melkumyan, Gor Gevorgyan, Arpine Davoyan, Varazdat Karapetyan, Sergey Bagratyan, Arman Abovyan, Sofia Hovsepyan, Babken Tunyan and Armen Pambukhchyan took part.

The political forces presented viewpoints on the programme executive sheet.

Arman Babajanyan delivered a speech on behalf of Bright Armenia faction.

Naira Zohrabyan from the Prosperous Armenia gave a speech.

Narek Zeynalyan in the name of My Step Faction delivered a speech.

In his final speech the RA Prime Minister thanked the MPs for the debates and answered the questions voiced in the speeches. The Head of the government touched upon the important amendments and programmes being implemented in a number of spheres. According to Nikol Pashinyan, the debates of the last two days form new relations between the National Assembly and the Government.

Let us note that the report is accepted as information.

Afterwards the parliament in the first reading debated the package of bills on Making Amendments and Addenda to the RA Law on the State Support of the Information Technologies Sphere and on Amending the RA Tax Code, which presented the RA Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies Hakob Arshakyan.

The member of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Gevorg Papoyan noted that the as a result of debates the Committee presented the endorsement.

The NA deputies Arkady Khachatryan, Arman Abovyan, Edgar Arakelyan, Gevorg Gorgisyan, Babken Tunyan, Mane Tandilyan and Mikayel Melkumyan expressed their viewpoints.

In his final speech Hakob Arshakyan touched upon the voiced concerns and recommendations, noting mutual agreed version of the draft law would be chosen.

The RA Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investments Avag Avanesyan presented for debate the draft law on Ratifying the Agreement on the Management Order of the Author’s Rights on Collective Bases.

Avag Avanesyan also presented for debate the draft law on Ratifying the Agreement on Liberalisation of Investments, Encouragement and Defense between the Republic of Armenia and Japan.

The member of the RA NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Hripsime Grigoryan informed that the Committee gave endorsement.

The RA Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Smbat Saiyan presented for debate to pass in the second reading and completely the draft law on Making Addenda and Amendments to the RA Law on State Pensions.

As a result of voting, the legislators passed the draft laws debated during the day.

The National Assembly ended the work of the regular sittings.

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