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Accuracy of Distribution Process of Customs Payments Collected by Highest Supervisory Bodies of Member States to Be Regulated
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The Agreement on conducting joint control measures aimed at maintaining the procedure for collecting and distributing the amounts of import customs duties (other duties, taxes and fees having equivalent effect) and transferring them as income to the budgets of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union coordinates the whole variety of procedural issues of planning, organization and conduct of inspections by accounting bodies. The purpose of the inspection, the procedures for summarizing the results, as well as for appealing them are also clarified. The adoption of the agreement will be an important contribution to the regular conduct of the inspection process by the accounting bodies. The RA Deputy Minister of Finance Arman Poghosyan said about this at the extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration convened on July 4.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, presenting the draft law on ratifying the above-mentioned agreement, noted that it aims to regulate the accuracy of the distribution process of the customs payments collected by the highest supervisory bodies of the member states, in this case, the Audit Chamber of Armenia.

The draft law on Making Amendments to the Law on Medical Aid and Service for Population was also debated in the second reading in the Committee with the related package. According to the RA Deputy Minister of Health Armen Nazaryan, there were proposals related to the draft law, as a result of which, the bill was revised. The Deputy Minister presented the revised version. According to the amendment, an authorizing norm has been established, by which the Government will be able to adopt regulatory instruments for the formation and distribution of the demand for medical products received with humanitarian aid.

All the proposals submitted by the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Health Care Narek Zeynalyan were accepted.

The Committee endorsed the debated drafts.

Legislative Initiatives Debated in Second Reading
At July 4 extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, the draft law on Making Addend and Amendments to the law on Customs Regulation and the enclosed package of drafts were debated in the second reading.It is proposed to clearly set that exclusively the border guard troop...

RA SRC Deputy Chairperson: A fine of 200.000 AMD is imposed in case of violation of the requirements to carry out the exchange of tokens in the gambling hall only in a non-cash way by the organizers of gambling games and casino activities
The package of drafts on Making Amendments and Addendum to the RA Tax Code and on Making Addendum and Amendment to the Law on Gambling Games, Internet Gambling Games and Casinos was debated in the first reading at the extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs convened on...

RA NA President’s Statement on Resignation Letter of Armen Gevorgyan from the Position of Chair of Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration
Pursuant to Article 150.1 and Article 147.1 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, Armen Gevorgyan submitted his resignation letter from the position of the Chair of the Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration.Pursuant to Article 147.2 of the Const...

An Attempt is Made with Legislative Package to Restore the Environment of Trust between the Consumers and Entities: Gegham Gevorgyan
The package of draft laws on Making Addenda to the law on Trade and Services is directed to raising the level of the consumer’s protection of rights and interests related to the implementation of actions by the salesperson or the one rendering service and the regulation of the organization process i...

“Armenikum” CJSC and “Her-Her” Hydroelectric Power Plant CJSC to Be Privatized by Legislative Initiative of Government
The draft law on Making Addenda to the Law on State Property Privatization Programme for 2017-2020 was debated in the first reading. According to the Chairman of the State Property Management C...

Package on Addenda to Law on Food Safety and Related Drafts Authored by Government Debated
With the package on Addenda to the Law on Food Safety and the related drafts, it is proposed to establish the authorizing norms for the already existing decisions in the relevant laws, as well as establish the authorizing norms for the approval of the procedure for the training of veterinarians qual...

RA Government to Approve Internal Regulation of Probation Service by Legislative Initiative
In the former Criminal Procedure and Penitentiary Codes provisions were designed, according to which, in accordance with which the Medical Committees presented conclusion related to the issues on release from punishment because of severe illness, as well as applying coercion measures of medical char...

Committee Endorses Agreement
The basis of the Agreement on the implementation of joint activities of the CIS members states in the field of exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes is to establish legal and organizational foundations of multilateral cooperation in the field of exploration and use of outer space ...

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