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Ara Babloyan Receives Delegation Led by Baroness Caroline Cox
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On August 8, the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan received the Delegation led by Baroness Caroline Cox, Member of the House of Lords, the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Welcoming the guests in the parliament, Ara Babloyan highly assessed Caroline Cox’s pro-Armenian activities, her faithfulness to all-human values and the principles of democracy and the warm attitude towards our country and people.

The RA NA Speaker emphasized the Baroness’ role in the development and strengthening of the Armenian-British relations.

Ara Babloyan has documented that the agenda of the bilateral relations between Armenia and the United Kingdom gradually expands, also recording the enlivening of political contacts.

The RA NA Speaker thanked the Government of the United Kingdom for the support in the economic and democratic reforms going on in Armenia and highlighted the use of the experience of the country with great experience of parliamentary government in Armenia.

Touching upon the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement, the Head of the parliament highlighted the balanced position of the United Kingdom in that issue and noted: “I am equally sorry for both Armenian and Azerbaijani young people’s death: those young people are not guilty that the problem does not find its solution around the negotiation table.” In Ara Babloyan’s word, the world should accept the Arsakh people’s right to free living: Armenia and Azerbaijan have opportunity to peacefully negotiate over that issue.

Highly appreciating the role of the United Kingdom in the development of the world civilisation the RA NA Speaker emphasized the processes aimed at the protection of human rights in Armenia, the establishment of democracy, the development of the freedom of speech, underlining the necessity of the dialogue between Europe and Asia.

Baroness Caroline Cox thanked the Speaker of the RA National Assembly for the reception and conveyed him the British colleagues’ greetings. Talking about the reforms going on in our country, the Baroness noted that the Armenian people not only survived, but also revived. Caroline Cox gladly recorded the progress occurred in Armenia, noting that she would like to present her impressions received here to the whole world.

The Baroness noted: “I have adopted a principle: to have open eyes, ears and mind. And I would like to present what I see to the world.”

Caroline Cox noted: “Azerbaijan continuously pursues aggressive policy towards Armenia and Artsakh. The world should recognize the deportation of the Armenian people of Nakhijevan and the destruction of the cultural monuments perpetrated by Azerbaijan.”

At the end of the meeting the Baroness walked in the Parliament Park and saw the apple tree planted with her hand years ago.

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