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Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and Protection of Human Rights
Spheres of activities:
Constitutional amendments, electoral system, referendum, Constitutional court, justice, public service, judicial system, prosecutor's office, civil, criminal and administrative legislation, the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, protection of human rights, children's rights, advocacy, notary, parties, public associations, religion, equal rights of women and men, national minorities, ethics for high-ranking officials, enforcement of legal acts, criminal executive services and the laws governing those areas
Phone (374-11) 513349

Contains 14 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Kostanyan Gevorg
(Committee Chair)
021 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Makhmudyan Rustam
(Committee Deputy Chair)
029 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Arustamyan Nora
082 "Tsarukyan"
Asatryan Vanik
084 "Tsarukyan"
Azizyan Napoleon
078 "Tsarukyan"
Harutyunyan Andranik
052 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Hovhannisyan Arpine
001 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Karapetyan Andranik
103 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation"
Marukyan Edmon
090 "Way Out"
Muradyan Murad
042 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Petrosyan Gevorg
075 "Tsarukyan"
Sardaryan Shushan
017 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Sargsyan Alik
043 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Sargsyan Avet
057 "Republican Party of Armenia"

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