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NA President Receives Representatives of Journalism Organizations
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The President of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan received the President of the Committee for Protection of Freedom of Speech Ashot Melikyan, the Director of the Media Initiatives Center Nouneh Sarkissian and the Chairman of Asparez Journalists’ Club Levon Barseghyan.

The meeting took place at the initiative of the organizations engaged in the protection of the journalists’ rights. The norms concerning the journalists’ move on the territory of the residence of the National Assembly and in the security rules functioning in the building amended on July 30, according to which, it is banned for the journalists accredited in the National Assembly to be engaged with their professional activity in the specially controlling zones of the protected area (by the way, the mentioned rules stem from the logic of the constitutional law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly). It’s about the corridors leading to the offices of the RA NA deputies and the Staff employees.

In response to this question that the regulation can be an obstacle for the journalists’ professional activity, the NA President Alen Simonyan has noted that their nature is based exclusively on the security norms. He has added that at this moment works are carried out for making the journalists’ activity more favourable in the National Assembly, bringing as an example the provision of the corresponding speakers on any information occasion. The NA President informed that recently during the meeting with the journalists he mentioned about his commitment on having briefing every month.

Alen Simonyan’s Congratulatory Message on Adoption of Declaration on Independence of Armenia
The Declaration on Independence of Armenia adopted on August 23, 1990 was the cornerstone of the independent statehood. The Armenian people was going to fulfill its long-standing dream just one year after that historical reality, to have an independent and self-sovereign state. The new phase of our ...

President of National Assembly Visits Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center
On August 23, the President of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan visited the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center.Accompanied by the Chancellor of Yerevan State Medical University Armen Muradyan and the Director of the Center Haykuhi Minasyan, the NA President took a tour, getting acquainted ...

Priorities on Protection of Human Rights Discussed
On August 23, a discussion initiated by the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Taguhi Tovmasyan was held, key issues of which were the features and the priorities of protection of human rights in Armenia. The first Human Rights Defender (HRD) of th...

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