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President of Poland Receives Delegation led by Alen Simonyan
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The President of Poland Andrzej Duda received the delegation led by the RA NA President Alen Simonyan in Warsaw.

Thanking the President of Poland for the meeting, the RA NA President noted that democratic values are of priority for our country, and its strengthening is of core issue.

Alen Simonyan noted that the European Union (EU) remains the main partner of Armenia in establishing democratic institutes and supporting the reform agenda and, despite the difficulties that our country faced during recent several years, the positive dynamics of Armenia-EU high level political dialogue, by signing a number of agreements the legal field had been further strengthened.

The RA NA President reminded the President of Poland that Armenia asked the EU to provide technical assistance to Armenia through European Peace Facility-EPF. “The European Union provides support through that mechanism to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Unfortunately, the request of Armenia was denied, quoting the EU mediatory efforts in improving the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the problem of ‘conflict sensitivity.’ I would like to repeat that it refers to technical assistance for raising the defencive capabilities,” Alen Simonyan underscored.

Touching upon the agenda of establishing lasting peace in the region, the RA NA President highlighted the deployment of the Observation Mission of the European Union. Alen Simonyan presented details about the crisis afflicting the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh and the danger threatening the sovereignty of Armenia because of the Azerbaijani aggression. He stressed that Armenia expects condemnation of such illegal and inhumane actions and up to imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan from the international colleagues.

At the meeting the development of economic relations of the two countries was emphasized. According to the President of Poland, he has personally supported the deal held between the stock exchanges of Armenia and Warsaw last year, being confident that the sovereignty of Armenia is strengthened by the development of economy.

Andrzej Duda assured that he is concerned about the development of relations between Armenia and Poland and recalled his participation at the Conference of the European Ministers of Justice of the Council of Europe held in Yerevan in 2006 as a Minister of Justice of Poland. President Duda stressed that the South Caucasus region is important for them, and especially the development of relations with Armenia. The President noted that they follow the situation after the 44-day war, as well as, they are well aware of the security issues of the region and imagine quite well which country wants in reality peace, and which country doesn’t want.

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Alen Simonyan to Marshal of Polish Sejm: In meetings with international partners, we speak about necessity to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan
On July 4, the delegation led by the RA NA President Alen Simonyan being in the Republic of Poland on an official visit, met with the Marshal of the Polish Sejm Elżbieta Witek. After the exchange of greetings, the parties stated that the meetings and discussions planned during the official visi...

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